Nothing Beats Pure Focus.

Workshops are where we will be helping you further your horsemanship skills, group exercises as well as addressing individual points/questions for where you and your horse are at in your development.  Get the hands-on help you specifically need and build on some things that will benefit everyone.

Workshops have more varied content based on individual needs and can be based on many different stages depending on the participants themselves.  Workshops are for people that have been to one of Glenn’s clinics already and have the basics of his program (or that of a similar clinician, where folks understand what lateral flexion is, or a 9 step back up, indirect rein for example.)

Partnership Stage 1 

Go Way Beyond Riding…Respect, Safety, Fun • Mental Collection

Harmony Stages 3

Reach A Deeper Understanding of Your Horse and Yourself

Refinement Stages 5 & 6

Explore Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Potential