Refinement Stages 5 & 6

Explore Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Potential

Advance your skills as you learn to encourage positive reflexes on the ground and in the saddle, learn additonal exercises to develop an independent seat, and what it takes to smoothly accomplish leads and lead changes. Build an advanced liberty connection. This is where your Horsemanship will start to become a reflexive way of life and being with horses, your Savvy will be a part of you, and not something you take off and put on like a hat.

You will build accuracy, more feel and precision.  You will discover the benefits of Vertical Flexion and how to achieve the early stages of collection through respect, impulsion and flexion, properly and naturally combined.

Explore the concept of voluntary involvement from your horse and advance your intellectual understanding of how maneuvers are built, and to first be able to perform them in your own mind and body before accomplishing them on the horse.

Highlights of what is covered in Stage 5 & 6 Camps:

On Line (both a 22’ & 45′ line)

Advanced Liberty



Equine Relationship Skills

The Soft Feel in Motion, Natural Riding Principles

Finding Balance – “The Stretch”

4 Responsibilities of the Horse

4 Responsibilities of the Rider

Secrets of Impulsion, Impulsion Patterns & Programs

Positive Reflexes

Supporting Rein


The Soft Feel

Bridle-less Riding

Horsemanship Stick Riding

Continuing with ‘Mighty Broncy’

Leads and Lead Changes

Riding with Fluidity


Sideways, Backup; Key Maneuvers, Essential ingredients

Psychology of getting horses to ‘offer’ more

45′ Rope Skills

Introduction to Stage 6 Liberty and Online

Driving from Zone 5 using Long Reins

River Trails to further Develop Foundation

Advanced Trailer Loading