Putting Principles to Purpose

NEW for 2020

This year we’re excited to host our “Putting Principles to Purpose” Camp at The Horse Ranch! The 8 day event brings together the principles you’ve been working on in the Stages program – and – an opportunity to see the pay-off of your dedication and hard work.

We begin with you working on the particular Stage you are at and continuing to build your savvy skills. Bonus activities include:

  • Beginner rope handling
  • Cattle handling fundamentals
  • Obstacle course challenge
  • River valley rides


Putting Principles to Purpose starts Wednesday August 19th, runs 4 days, 1 day off, 4 days and wraps up on Friday Aug 27th which is the day prior to our Friends & Family Weekend. Consider this your personal invitation to join us – it will be a great time filled with great food, fun activies and plenty of time to kick up some dust and kick back and relax! (Just be sure to let us know if you’ll be joining us as with COVID-19 we need to keep track of attendance as we are following provincial guidelines. Email: sandy@thehorseranch.com.)


The Horse Ranch is set on 160 acres, custom designed by Glenn Stewart to support the students in his Stages program with countless opportunities to learn and grow and develop your horsemanship. His heated indoor arena is perfect for working through the winter months and yet the fields arena and his playground for horses is really where the fun happens! Countless trails show off the beauty of the Peace Region of British Columbia and the Beatton River beach is also a highlight you’ll want to visit while you are with us.

Contact us to secure your spot.

Stage 1

Go Way Beyond Riding…Respect, Safety, Fun • Mental Collection

Stages 3

Reach A Deeper Understanding of Your Horse and Yourself

Stages 5 & 6

Explore Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Potential