Front Row Seating

Observe an expert at work

Front Row Seating at The Horse Ranch is the opportunity to learn first-hand, in a private setting directly from Glenn Stewart as he works a variety of horses at various stages through his Horse Development Program. He could be working with colts or putting the finishing touches on his top-level horses – his Dream Team.

This is a unique opportunity – you will be able to watch and learn as Glenn is working and sharing with you what is happening in real-time. You will see his Stages System in action and how a variety of horses – at different levels of training – learn under his clear, consistent guidance.

Just a short note to let you know how well Rick’s horse ‘Threat’ did last weekend. Rick rode him on a 20 mile cattle drive. I rode the bay mare I had at the clinic. We took him up and down steep, muddy hills, through belly deep bogs, through downed timber, through brush. We rode across a concrete bridge deck (with big, scary, expansion joints). We were passed by cattle liners, tank trucks, gravel trucks, you name it. He handled it all like an old pro. People couldn’t believe that it was only Rick’s second time on him. I couldn’t believe it either!!! We had a lot of compliments on how well behaved he was. I just wanted to let you know the training is paying off. We’re sure happy with the job you did on him.
~ Maureen Hummel, Rose Prairie BC

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the day – getting the answers you need to improve your horsemanship directly from Glenn. You can choose to bring your own horse so you can practice what you’ve learned each session or observe and immerse yourself in this unique learning opportunity.

Front Row Seating is offered in either 10 day or 5 days sets. Note: in the 10 day set, plan for 2 days off as Glenn typically works the horses for 5 consecutive days.

To save your seat – please complete the Front Row Seating Application or contact us if you have any questions.

Note: we do have accommodations at The Horse Ranch – however it is limited – so book your spot early.

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