Nothing Beats Pure Focus.

A safe and fun learning environment where you can try a variety of techniques with hands-on help, receiving feedback on what action to take specifically for your situation. Auditors are welcome and it can be a valuable experience to watch a variety of horses and situations, but nothing beats the experience of actually participating as a clinic participant.

Accelerate your horsemanship by building mental and muscle memory that comes from actually doing and gain confidence that comes with knowing you are asking your horse properly for the result you are looking for. Sometimes the best part of a clinic can be getting a better picture of what to ask for in the first place!

  • Clinics are structured around a specific Stage, the building blocks in Glenn’s Horse Development Program.
  • Clinics are typically 2 to 4 days in length in a variety of locations.
  • Check out our Calendar for a list of scheduled clinics.

Interested in hosting a clinic? Contact – call/text: 250 263 7417.