Nothing Beats Pure Focus.

Our Camps and Intensives held onsite at The Horse Ranch are an excellent way to immerse yourself in horsemanship.

Designed to be longer than a clinic (from four days to one month) and provide you with the opportunity to come to The Horse Ranch – where focused learning is made possible and you can devote your undivided attention to the study of Glenn’s Stages program.

Glenn’s Horse Development Program is designed to teach the intangibles – focus, feel, timing and savvy – things most people think can’t be learned.

The Horse Ranch is an environment that provides you with the opportunity to learn horsemanship far beyond riding lessons. We set the scene for you to come and explore your mental, emotional and physical potential as a horseperson, to reach a deeper understanding of your horse and yourself, to learn the essence of communication and excellence with horses that will continue to unfold years after you’ve returned home.   Glenn Stewart

Camps are a unique experience and fill quickly as do the accommodation options!

You can hold your spot with a 50% deposit – contact us for further details.

Prices for Camp start at $700 for a 4 full-day camps (early bird rates) plus fees depending on choices you select when you register. Most folks opt to schedule a couple or camps, and other opt to stay for the full series of 16 days really advancing in their horsemanship in a compressed timeframe.

2 easy ways to register:

  1. Simply click this link and fill out our Camp Application Form ONLINE in just a couple of minutes and you’ll be booked!
  2. Call us at 250.789.3072 and we can register you right over the phone.

Stages 1  & 2

Go way beyond riding…Respect, Safety, Fun   Mental Collection

Stages 3 & 4

Reach A Deeper Understanding of Your Horse and Yourself

Stages 5 & 6

Explore Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Potential