June 2020 Community Report continued….

I have to admit it’s scary to work with a horse worth that much money!

I mentioned in the last newsletter that I was working on a bunch of things to be able to triple the learning opportunities for people following the stages program and that took some time thinking, organizing and planning. Sandy the Horse Ranch operations manager and runs everything in the office and myself spent the last 2 1/2 months putting into place our first Online Lesson Series. We have stage 1 completed and have students enrolled in it since April 20th. We started a private FaceBook group for the online students and students that are active in The Horse Ranch community. To support our learners and connect with student we’ve been doing ½ hr FaceBook live sessions – answering questions on Tuesdays and Saturdays for those that are in the private group. The private FB group and the online lesson series are designed for people that are very keen on moving forward with their horsemanship and I wanted to make it as accessible and easy as I can for students to move faster threw the stages.

The online course is set up in 15 to 20 minute-ish separate lessons that you have unlimited access to for 6 months. It is 5 or 6 clinic days of information at a 3 day price. Keeping the lessons short helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and talking with everyone twice a week to answer any questions has proven to be very helpful. The goal is to support at home learning so before or after attending a camp or clinic you can be much further down the road in less time and answer your questions to all those things you thought you would remember but forgot once you got home. You can watch them on your phone in the corral if you want – as many times as you need to get the skills down pat. In the past, I would do a clinic and then not see the students for 6 months or a year and often no contact. This is a way I can stay in touch with many at once. The FB group allows a safe place to celebrate your successes with others that are or have been working and learning the same things you are. The people in the group can inspire and encourage each other. When you pass a stage the others in the group know just exactly what it meant to achieve each stage. We wanted to get it up and running and work out any glitches we could find. It’s been going fairly smoothly and now are ready to share the opportunities to everyone.

If you are interested in the Online Lesson Series Stage 1 is complete with our first course well underway and Stage 2 is about 2 weeks from completion and launching soon thereafter. Send Sandy an email and we will fill you in – and – answer any questions. For the private FB group also contact us if you are not a dabbler! We want those seriously wanting to move forward with their horsemanship.

On another note – our annual camps at The Ranch are underway. A number of very keen students that called me and made sure that the camps were going ahead this year and according to the government we have to play safe and stay under 50 people so we can do that. 50 head of cattle arrived yesterday for the summer so some of us will be doing cow work with the horses, which is always good for the horse, the people and the cattle. I’ve made a few more cross country jumps down in the meadows.

August 19-27 we are having our Putting Principles to Purpose 8 Day Horsemanship Camp which will be cattle work, obstacle challenges, river rides, rope handling for beginners followed by a friends and family camp out with barbecues, team games, chili cook offs, man hunter and wagon rides. The Friends and Family Camp Out is August 28-31 – it would be great if you could join us. We have lots of fun and learning is planned and as will be following the provincial health suggestions – and if you’re planning to join us – give Sandy a call at 250 789 3072 or an email so we can keep track of attendance.

I also wanted to share a letter from the Hudson Hope School. As some of you know I think it is the third year that the HH school has offered the Horse Ranch Stages program as a course for the students. The course is full every year and has had amazing results on many fronts. Thanks to the progressive thinking and truly dedicated to the students they teach Derick and Caroline Beam which I’m happy to say are relatives and friends of mine and mentors to many approached me about offering the stages program in their school. To make a long story short, we all worked together to make it happen. Here are a few words about their story with the students enrolled in the program. Principal Derick’s letter is very inspiring to hear what they have accomplished and that now in their school children can get started on their horsemanship journey towards a career or just learning some valuable life lessons through horsemanship.

Well done Principal Derick and Horsemanship Teacher Caroline, Connie and all others that are involved. Wouldn’t it be nice if the school in your area offered it?

Until next time do something good and hope to see you soon.

Cheers, Glenn


Hudson Hope School horsemanship program continued….

When a student feels that they are ready, we video their progress and send it to Glenn for assessment. He returns detailed feedback that helps them progress toward successful completion, which they achieve afterresubmitting satisfactory work. Students learn that discipline and hard work, as well as an open mind and attention to detail, are important components of success.

Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on how our work with horses affects our daily lives. When asked how the natural horsemanship philosophy can be useful in human interaction, students have given responses like, “use phases before getting mad at someone,” “get out of your comfort zone,” “patience and understanding help me when dealing with people,” “better communication and an ability to form a healthy relationship; healthy relationships need work, and mutual respect,” and my favorite, “[horsemanship] taught me to always fix my problems, not just leave them behind for them to only get worse.”

Every student who has taken this program has enjoyed it immensely, and everyone has experienced an increased quality of life in the process. These kids become more patient and understanding, better communicators, more emotionally and physically fit, better problem solvers, more perceptive and resilient, and more balanced individuals. Their school experience is improved, and the skills they gain benefit them throughout their lives, whether they continue on with horses or not.

While the program itself is always amazingly beneficial to all students, there are some who are profoundly affected. For example, we recently had a young lady on the autism spectrum who was very uncomfortable with any unfamiliar stimulus and did not cope well in even a low-risk environment. When she began, even the slightest stress, like a misplaced object or being asked to speak in class, would bring her to the edge of control. On the last day of class, she willingly allowed herself to be blindfolded and guided through a challenging obstacle course! Another young man with severe anxiety found great stress relief in working with his horse and managed to pass Stage 1 in one semester. He had never worked with horses before!

Community building is a big part of Hudson’s Hope’s educational experience. As a K-12 school, we encourage any opportunity for older students to mentor younger children. This horsemanship program is a perfect fit: once the students are comfortable with their skill development, we invite a younger class to join us at the arena, so that the more experienced students can teach what they have learned. This reinforces the horsemanship student’s knowledge while allowing younger students exposure to new ideas (and time with horses!) and encourages positive relationships between grades as well as reinforcing a strong community spirit. Programs like this are why Hudson’s Hope does not have problems with bullying or vandalism.

We at HHESS put a strong emphasis on social responsibility and healthy emotional growth. We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer this program to our students. Glenn’s program is set in a highly learnable format that is easy to fit into a classroom curriculum. Our students love it, and our school’s culture is richer for it.

Glenn had a great visit this spring!



April 2020 Community Report continued….

I started this newsletter a while back, but it didn’t get finished and a lot has happened since I wrote the first draft. I wanted to take the amount and think about what horsemanship has done for us. If you are anything like me the time I’ve spent improving my horsemanship has done far more than I ever thought it could and wanted to think about that, fill you in on a few things and start sharing amazing, interesting stories from students.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I made a commitment to use this time to do the most I could for myself and others and that’s just what we have been doing.

The clinics this spring except for one, all were full with a waiting list. I was excited to get everyone going, and so far we have rescheduled the first two to a later date and may have to reschedule the others. The year was looking very busy with both Mane Events and Heart of the Horse plus all the regular camps and clinics. Hopefully, soon, the distancing will be lifted and we can get back to the new normal. I have not been bringing in the news only watching – maybe half an hour every 4 days.

I’ve been obsessing on what I can use this time so I can improve the future and the present. We have been steadily planning and organizing,7 days a week and I usually quit about 9 pm each day. Learning lots and preparing lots.

I asked myself 3 weeks ago how can I give triple the educational value that I presently have? I like to ask myself a question no matter how outlandish it might seem and keep asking myself the question until I come up with an answer. I put my mind to work and then go off about my business. Your mind actually works for free and starts supplying answers, not all good but you just keep asking. It is amazing what your mind can come up with. All the details will be available soon and some people will be starting April 20th. Very Excited!!


The Horse Ranch, what is it we do? What’s it all about?

When this first started [The Horse Ranch] I thought I was going to be teaching people about horses, making people safer, making horses happier. Well, I was in for a big surprise, It has become that and so much more.

Life-changing is what it’s been for me as it has for so many other people as well.

20 years of teaching has flown by with life lessons continually sprinkling down sometimes pouring down.

It feels like nonstop learning, changes and being outside the comfort zone. The circle of people and friends continually growing. People from around the world that we talk with regularly and see each year and wished they lived next door. People that come as clients that are now best friends. Many evenings spent around the campfire or days sharing the view from the top of a mountain. Experiences that started out as a camp or clinic and became a complete change in perspective of where and what we want out of life. Seen things, spoke things, listening to things that moved us to tears of realization, happiness, self-awareness, and personal growth. Made connections that go way beyond the physical with humans and animals to places we might not off known existed. We’ve been scared, frustrated, amazed, humbled, elated, ecstatic, excited, nervous, unsure and thrilled. Doors have opened, opportunities have been presented all these things because we are in pursuit of being safer, having more fun, becoming better for ourselves and our horses. This journey towards becoming a horseman is far more amazing than I had ever imagined.

This last year and the years before are unlike anything I could have imagined before starting down this trail. The depth of change, experiences, struggles and triumphs most of us have felt and witnessed are worth remembering and savoring. Thousands of us have shared experiences with each other here at The Horse Ranch, at competitions in Canada and abroad, learning adventures around the world and many of them were life-changing or at the very least perspective-changing. The more I learn, the more I learn how to learn, the more I realize I need good perspectives, not just a perspective.  We’ve watched people do things they knew they couldn’t, listen to people explain about their amazing life changes, watched people make amazing life changes and choices. Seen noisy people get quiet and quiet people get noisy. Seen tears of overwhelm from the sheer beauty of a mountain top or the climb to get there. Tears of accomplishment, tears of frustration and determination of something not quite completed.

I feel very honored and fortunate to have shared in it with so many and experienced the same things myself. I think the pursuit of Horsemanship and all it brings for us should never be taken for granted. Memories are something we make – let’s make some more. Thank you, for sharing and being part of my journey.

The Horse Ranch Community has grown well outside the borders of the ranch and extends to many people in many countries. I love seeing and hearing the stories of what pursuing horsemanship has done for so many and it’s the reason that gets me up in the morning. I wanted you to be able to hear the stories from some of the people going down the same path.

I met Jordan a few years ago, I’m going to say it seems 4 years and it was immediately obvious his desire to learn. I knew this was going to be fun. It has been fun, and he truly has a desire to learn. He was kind enough to write a few thoughts down for me that I thought you might really enjoy.

If you would like to share your story with us – we’d love to hear it! Send it along to info@thehorseranch.com.





Horsemanship: A Look in the Mirror – February 2020

Look in the mirror. That’s where it’s all at. Know that what you see is what you get and what you get is fantastic.

When it comes to playing with horses, and really about anything else I can think of, we are working with ourselves. Any trouble we may be having as we work with our horses is something to be excited about because it’s an opportunity to learn. Where we struggle is where we grow, stretch, and become more. Too often it seems that people look at struggle or being uncomfortable as a bad thing. It is actually a good thing, something to maybe be grateful for.

The only way to never have trouble or stress is to be dead.     Learning is an ongoing series of feelings. You know when you’re trying to accomplish something with your horse and it’s difficult, you’re in a major learning curve, yippee!!! You’re progressing and moving forward. We can choose to be excited and fascinated or frustrated, mad and sad.

Horsemanship is a process of discoveries and having a program can help you read a horse and develop the skills like feel and timing. I often ask people, “What are the two things that horses love more than anything in the world?” You can’t buy them. You’re not born with them. Nobody can give them to you. But you can develop them. Those two things are feel and timing. You have to work at it, but it can be very fun, fulfilling and rewarding if you view it that way. We don’t know what we don’t know which is just fine. There is no way to know until we get some guidance from someone or stumble across it on our own. Then we know but there will still be a lot of other things we don’t know.

Once we discover something, we don’t know then you can start the process of trying to be able to actually do it. I have people that really would like some help with the horsemanship skills but are so worried that someone might see them learning so they never get the help that they so badly want. Other people do show up but say things like, “I can’t,” or, “This doesn’t work and that doesn’t work,” or “I’m totally messing up everything,” meanwhile I just watched them do the exact thing they think they can’t do. Other times the person is so close to getting a major breakthrough but won’t stick with it. They might be two tries away or 1 minute from getting something accomplished, but they give up just before it happens. Then they start again and give up again just before it happens. They might spend hours or weeks doing the same thing but stopping 30 seconds too early. If we haven’t accomplished some of these things often, we don’t know that many are just right there – a breath away. If we are learning, we might not know that we just got something amazing because we are looking for something else.

I like to tease folks when they say, “I can’t go to a clinic because I don’t like people watching me.” I tease them and ask them why they think they are so important that everyone came to watch them.

Other folks say, “I can’t do anything right.” That’s obviously not true so why even say it? It only causes your brain to try and prove you right and look for reasons to back up what you said. Even if that was true, which it is not, then fantastic: you’ve got lots of things to learn and just think how amazing your world will be as you start doing things right. I’ve started over 2000 colts and I’m still learning. That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do because thanks to the horse I get to always discover more ways to improve and grow. “Learning” is moving forward, being progressive, and strengthening the mind and body, which is something to be admired. Our horses are thrilled when we go out and learn and improve our skills because they benefit from it. We need to always remind ourselves that the only way to not make any mistakes is to not do anything. The more forward and progressive you are, the more you might stumble. Support yourself in your learning with positive thoughts and comments. Know that hiding from or staying away from difficulties doesn’t make them go away.

The more we learn, the more exhilarating it becomes, and our horses become. All of a sudden there are great horses everywhere.

Be your own best and have fun doing it.


What is your dream with your horse?

Whatever your dream may be, if you have the horsemanship, you can live the dream. It’s just that simple. Join us The Horse Ranch this summer and live the dream! Now accepting bookings for the summer Horsemanship Camps and Horsemanship Intensive in June – and – new for 2020 our Putting Principles to Purpose Camp in August.

Glenn offers year-round educational horsemanship programs at his facility near Fort Saint John, BC and is travels leading clinics throughout BC, AB and the USA. Long-term study and professional programs are now available.


For more information get in touch with us – on Facebook or Instagram or – better yet – call 250 789 3072 – we’d love to hear from you!