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Watch Glenn at the Calgary Stampede 2011 Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge

Calgary Stampede Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge Day 1

Well, today was Day One of Extreme Cowboy Race at the Calgary Stampede and as usual the Calgary Stampede did it up right.  The biggest concern I always have is me.  I have complete confidence in my horse and the preparation that he has received.  However, the confidence I have in myself is far less.  The toughest part for me of any of these courses is to memorize the pattern and the different things that you are supposed to do during the race.  My horse Jet always seems to fill in for me while I am fumbling around.  Today’s run was no different.  While I was fumbling with my Mecate rein in my belt I pretty much just put him on autopilot, pointed him where I wanted to go while I got my Mecate in my belt.  I did fairly well memorizing the course until I got to the dismounting block where I forgot to pick up the Stick and carry it with me.  The crowd was trying their hardest to tell me what I forgot but with hundreds of people all yelling at different times I could not tell what anyone was saying.  As soon as I stepped onto the elevated turnaround ramp I remembered what I had forgotten.  We managed to get enough points on the rest of the course to keep me in first place.  One of the other competitors moved to first place shortly after my run, and in my opinion, he had an absolutely beautiful run.  However, my run on Jet was a minute and nine seconds faster which the judges take into consideration.  Speed through any course adds much more difficulty.  I asked Jet for a lot of tight turns and took the shorter tougher route through the course which if you make it too much of a challenge for your horse it can cost you.  If you take too safe of a route, it is not as much of a challenge.  Some things we could have done smoother if I had set him up with more time; but the difficulty would not be there.  I guess the judges felt my degree of difficulty mixed with the speed was enough to give me first place.  Hopefully tomorrow we can do something similar.  For me,  I try to put my horsemanship first, put my principles first, and if we get any placing it is just icing on the cake.

- Glenn

Get ready for some fun watching and cheer him and Jet on - come and see it live each day at 3pm Calgary Stampede time , or watch it LIVE online!

Here is the online link:

Glenn, Jet, Cody and Dealer will also be presenting a series of Horsemanship Demonstrations at the Stampede:
July 12th at the Big Top 11-1130
July 12th at the Northern Lights Arena 5-530
July 13th at the Northern Lights Arena 930-1000
July 14th at the Big Top 245-330

Stay tuned to our Facebook for regular updates on all the action and behind the scenes insights!  Its going to be a Wild Ride!!!