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Summer Front Row Seating is a great success!

A rest in the grass after a full day with our Front Row Seating Summer Program.


The Horse Ranch 2015 Front Row Seating program has been a great success for all participants.  This week, we watched Glenn trailer load three different horses; one had been in a trailer twice a year ago and the other two have never seen a trailer.  One was barely halter broke. At times it was difficult to see all the details to what was really happening and what we were seeing.  He would generously point things out as to what he was doing, what he was looking for and feeling all the things that we were looking at but not truly seeing or understanding not only the powerful impact it was having on this training session but the long term impact this training session would have on the horse. 

We are here to develop a better horseman’s eye as well as our sense of feel, timing and use of our tools while assessing each situation and reading the differences in a horse at any given moment.  We watched as he built the horse’s confidence and understanding throughout the trailer loading process.  The three-hour process seemed effortless in Glenn’s hands as he worked with each horse individually. Each horse was put in and out numerous times, turned and lead out, backed out, taught to stay up front, heads forward with the dividers and doors open and nobody in sight. We got to watch as each horse was helped to be mentally and emotionally in the trailer. We took a quick break for lunch, then we watched when he went back and loaded up all three horses and, within 20 minutes, we were on the road.  The horses all entered The Horse Ranch calm with not one drop of sweat on them. 

Glenn also started a Lusitano/QH filly and she is a fancy one!  I have been working with Glenn now for over a year and have been observing his horsemanship skills whenever possible and I am still amazed how smooth things are when he is with a horse.  This particular horse is a little spicy and prefers the flight response whenever the feel is not quite right.  This lovely lady could have easily been running around the pen in a panic, but in Glenn's hands, it was a peaceful and smooth training process to watch.  His timing of release is just about, if not totally, spot on and yet, without seeming to, he is also gently pushing the horse to achieve more and more.  The horse continues to build trust and understanding and is calmer and quieter with every session and even within every session.  How, even without us noticing, was he getting soft vertical and lateral flexion with only his open hand along the side of her jaw by the feel of his hand on the hair. I would have to write a book on the list of horsemanship we witnessed this week.  The proof is in the calm and soft response of the horse.  She is going to be a superstar.  She always had that potential in her and is wonderful to watch it be brought out and developed. She will be a super star.

The group meets daily with Glenn by the campfire to ask questions that can lead to some deep conversations.  As a Front Row Seating student, they have the opportunity to work with their own horses at whatever stage they are at and get direct on the spot advice from Glenn.  A few students even had the added bonus of working with some of the horses raised here at the ranch.  Being assigned specific goals to accomplish and having Glenn by their side to support them if needed, it just doesn’t get much better than this. 

Another daily learning opportunity we got to watch and learn from was Glenn and as he calls them his dream team : Az, Avairo and Jet. He works the three of them at liberty then you look up and as he canters by with all three side by side across the field over the hill just to pop up a minute later still cantering coming from the other direction. Then maybe sidepass all three at once then back into the canter and jumping the logs in the playground. It is nice to see each of them and what Glenn is working on to further develop them as individuals and also as a team in all four savvy’s.  It gives us a clear picture of where we are headed.

You never know what you will find when you spend enough time here at The Horse Ranch.  On any given day there can be a chance to see something you’ve never seen before. All aspects of this program offer many incredible learning opportunities. Needless to say, I am looking forward to more Front Row Seating programs.

Donna Blem