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September 12 Production Horse Sale, Horsemanship Tournament & Demonstration

Production Horse Sale
Kindergarten has started a month early on The Horse Ranch, in preparation for the upcoming sale by Silent Auction which will feature 4 yearlings, Shadow, River, Flash and Jazz; 5 foals, Fire, Spark, Martini, Feather and Arrow, and two of their mamas, Chick and Coyote.   There will be one featured saddlehorse in the sale, a beautiful palomino mare named Dawn.  There is more information about these featured horses under "Sale Horses.   The following pictures were taken as their training (kindergarten!) progressed.  This is one of the yearlings, River.




Glenn picking up Shadow's hind feet, notice she does not stop eating!  It is the details of the Horse Ranch Kindergarten that makes these youngsters so special, putting them off to a great start in life setting the stage for how they view people and learning in the future. 



River becoming calmer, braver, smarter...building her confidence in humans and their tools.   Their curiousity and enthusiasm builds and you can see them begin to ask questions through thier eyes.  

Advance bids by phone or email are welcome, 1 877 728 8987.



The beginnings of cinch placement... Ryon with Spark.















Glenn placing the halter on Fire. 








Trailer Loading
















Horsemanship Tournament & Demonstration
We are excited to announce our annual Horsemanship Tournament will be held the same day as the sale, as well as a horsemanship demonstration on our stallion "Jet", the sire of all the foals and yearlings.  There will be a variety of different tournament tasks in four areas of savvy, Online, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse. 

Last year 1st place went to Dave Tissington of Grande Prairie AB, riding Bo.









Second place to Louise Baxter of Montney BC, with Wrangler.

Hmmm...Dave 1st, Louise 2nd, at the 2008 HR Tournament, then in the 2008 Working Equitation Tournament in this getting to be a pattern??  Dave, you had better guard your title!  What will happen in 2009!!!!!!!  Stay tuned!

3rd Place to Kyla Pollard of Fort St. James BC, with special friend Rosco.

Come out and join the fun! Everyone welcome, stop bye and say hello, bring your friends, and your horse if you would like to participate in the tournament.  Please bring your lawnchairs and join us for a potluck supper and evening campfire.  No dogs please.  Concession available for lunch, directions available under "Contact"(see above right sidebar).


All The Details

Viewing and Silent Auction - starts at 10:00 am, closes at 5:00 pm.

The Natural Horsemanship Demonstration 12:00 Noon

The Tournament - Starts at 1:30

Tournament Entry Fee: $45

If overnighting please call to preregister for pens, cabins or camping spots in advance as space is limited.

    * Pen Fee: $15 per horse per night - please bring  your own feed, buckets, and please clean your own pen.
    * Cabin Tent $30, Big Cabin $40, per person per night.
    * Camping spot $20, with power hookup $30, per night.