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Insight and Inspiration

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Insight and Inspiration is up and ready to go! 

High and Wild Horsemanship Educational Adventure 2016

Morning Meeting

Extreme Horsemanship Clinic and Competition 2016 was a success!!!!

The event started off with a clinic prior to the competition.  Mark Grafton showed us his skills starting two colts with Glenn there to lend a helping hand when Mark was ready to ride.

My Comfort Zone by JoAnne Newsome

I like it here in my comfort zone.  The zone helps my mind rest.  I simply go on autopilot and let my mind wander as I go about tasks I have done a thousand times.  There is a sense of safety here.  I know how to handle day to day routine tasks that come up.  No problems, but…while this zone is a place of comfort, it is also a place of complacency, stasis, and inertia.  It can become a place of depression and frustration; a place of boredom!

Extreme Horsemanship Clinic-Competition

The Horse Ranch Presents Our 14th Annual

Extreme Horsemanship Clinic-Competition

Pot Luck Dinner & Chili Cook Off

Dance to follow

June 24 and 25, 2016

Extreme Horsemanship Competition is exciting, fun and challenging. Horse and rider test their horsemanship abilities as they maneuver through a series of obstacles and tasks demonstrating skill and speed.  

Winter Photos at The Horse Ranch

Merry Christmas

Save Time Call 911 Before You Get On

This is a test designed to prepare you for a safe ride. The higher the points you score the safer you are.


Horsemanship is not a straight line.

Horsemanship is not a straight line, it's a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see the deeper truths.

Summer Front Row Seating is a great success!

A rest in the grass after a full day with our Front Row Seating Summer Program.


The Round Up 2015!

Join us for the fun on July 11, 2015 here at The Horse Ranch.  An inspirational and educational horsemanship

performance with Glenn Stewart, wagon rides, activities, catered dinner, camp fire, dancing and much more. 

Only $50 a person and gates open at 11:30

For tickets email or call the office at 1-877-728-8987

Many thanks to our outstanding sponsors who make offering this event possible.

Summer 2015 Camps have started.

It is fun to look around The Horse Ranch and see all the activities, the campsites are overflowing, the cabins are all booked up and the new apartments are full and a smashing hit!  Today starts our first day of Stage 1 Camp.  We have 21 students who have joined us to kick off our summer of horsemanship learning, adventure and friendship.  This summer we will have students joining us from 7 different countries.

New Indoor Arena is up and running!

Glenn's Winter Office!

The Horse Ranch has just completed its first season in our new indoor arena.  It was a great season!  We had lots of horses in for development with Glenn many stayed the entire time.

New Front Row Seating and Winter Workshops!

2015 Brochure

Our 2015 Brochure is complete! 


2015 Schedule is Booking Fast!

We are pleased to announce our Summer Camp Schedule!

This will be the year of my horse and I...

Book your camps now and save with our February 15 earlybird!

Extreme Horsemanship Clinic and Competition September 13 & 14 - 2014


The Horse Ranch Presents Our 12th Annual
Extreme Horsemanship
Clinic-Competition-Chili Cook Off
“The Fine Art of Capturing The Horses Mind”
September 13-14, 2014

Working Student and Horseman's Apprentice Positions Available

The Horse Ranch is looking for someone to be a part of a positive, progressive, and energetic environment.   Successful applicant will assist with a variety of tasks in exchange for participation in Horsemanship camps/lessons, assessments, and use of horsemanship facilities. For more information about The Horse Ranch, Glenn Stewart and the Camps, please visit the Welcome and Camps sections at

Glenn Stewart & Rick Lamb Radio Interview

During the recent "Become A Horseman" Colt Starting Symposium in Reno, Nevada, Glenn and Rick Lamb from "The Horse Show" radio program had a chance to sit down and visit about all things horses. Glenn Stewart & Rick Lamb Interview.mp3

Dan James joins Glenn Stewart for 2014 High & Wild Wilderness Adventure

We are pleased to announce Glenn Stewarts’ High & Wild Wilderness Horsemanship Adventures is about to get Higher & Wilder than ever in 2014 with the addition of friend and special guest Horseman Dan James! 

2014 Summer Horsemanship Camps & Intensives

Save with February 15th earlybird savings! Spots are filling quickly.  Call 1 877 728 8987 or visit or for more info.

The Road Less Saddled...written by Jenn Webster

My husband hit the road recently to attend a little event you may have heard of – the AQHA World Championship Show held in Oklahoma City, OK. With his steed safely tucked into the trailer, his luggage plunked on the back seat and his hat carefully placed in a hat can, Clay set out for the 2,785 kilometer drive.

2014 - Year of The Horse

2014 is the Year of the Horse! Here is the schedule for the 2014 Summer Horsemanship Camps & Intensives!  For those of you that have been waiting thank you for your patience :) Lots of things coming up to get inspired, have fun & learn, and more brand new great ways to connect with horses are in the works.

Clinic Video!

Become A Horseman - April 4,5,& 6, 2014 Reno, Nevada

Weekend in Review: Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition at The Horse Ranch

Colt Starting Demonstration - Starting Governor Clip #1:  "Do Something Specific With Your Feet"  Here are a few clips from last weekends 2 hour daily Colt Starting Demonstrations that Glenn did, as a part of the Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition. This is a two year old Lusitano Cross by Aviero do Mito and a great AQHA Mare. His name is Governor. Glenn has played with Governor three times before this, lead him around with him while he was teaching.

Road To The Horse 2013 - The World Championship of Colt Starting 10th Anniversary

This week we are in Kentucky enjoying all the charm and southern hospitality this historic area has to offer.  Glenn was invited back as one of the past clinicians at Road To The Horse in honor of their 10th Anniversary.  He came down a little early and taught a clinic at the Grasslands Too Arena, thank you to Shelby Hume for hosting, and Bobbie and Janie Elliot for the use of their gorgeous facility. 

"Heaven is One Ride Away"

"Heaven Is One Ride Away"

Stan just sent me in this lovely song he wrote for a friend, and little story about his mare "Champayne" that he had Glenn start recently in Saskatoon.  Its touching, funny, and just really great, thank you Stan!  We love it!  Click "read more" below to see it.

A Recap - Glenn Stewart at 2012 Road To The Horse

And the Winners are...

Open Catagory Winners 1) Ryon Hemingson 2) Tanya Allen 3) Keily Stewart

Novice Catagory Winners are 1) Louise Baxter, 2) Kory Aasen, 3) Anika Gattiker

Revving up for the Extreme Horsemanship Canada Competition!

The Ranch is a beehive of activity today as we prepare for our annual Extreme Horsemanship Canada Competition this upcoming weekend of September 15 & 16th.   There are over $3500 worth of prizes being awarded to the competitors! (Please click on read more below to see who these wonderful folks are so you can give 'em a thanks when you see them! :)

Glenn giving Renee (working student extraordinare) a joy ride as they move the new bleachers Glenn's dad Mel built into place!

Two Upcoming Local Horsemanship Events in Fort St. John, BC

We are pleased to announce two upcoming local events sure to entertain, educate, and hopefully inspire!  We are proud to present:

Road To The Horse 2012 - A Video Review Evening with Glenn Stewart on the World Championship of Colt Starting, August 27th 7-10 pm Lido Theatre, Fort St. John BC

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Competition, September 15 & 16th, The Horse Ranch, 22 KM East of Fort St John, BC

More details below!  Keep going!

Glenn Stewart 2012 Calgary Stampede Demonstrations & Cowboy Up Challege Performances!

Here is a fun video clip of one of Glenns past Cowboy Up runs with Jet (above)

The Calgary Stampede is celebrating its 100th birthday and we are proud to be a part of it!  Stop by our booth in the Horse Haven and say hello!  Here are Glenns Demonstration  and Cowboy Up Challenge times and locations:

Horsemanship Demonstrations:
July 6th 1130-1200 Northern Lights Arena
July 10th 1100-1130 Big Top Arena, and 300-330 Northern Lights Arena

Colt Starting Part 4 – First Ride, Then Guide

Some of you are saying:  “Finally, it’s time to ride!” and others would still like to spend more time on the ground. As far as these articles go, it’s time to talk about the first ride on your young horse. If you are just now joining us there are three articles written earlier that have got us to this point in starting a young horse.

Glenn Stewart looking back at Road To The Horse 2012!

Hello everybody, it's Glenn here. I have just now started to come out of the fog of all the excitement from the weekend at the 2012 Road to the Horse World Championship of Colt Starting in Murfreesboro, TN - it was absolutely thrilling, exciting, challenging, and a joy to be involved with. I would not have...

Road To The Horse 2012 - The World Championship of Colt Starting

Does Your Horse Seek Your Approval?

In the above picture, by way of interests sake, this horse is most definitely not seeking my approval.  He is extremely wary, and ready to plant a hoof on my head at any second.  This indeed, is the very opposite of seeking approval.  In a way, for my own self preservation, I am seeking his, because depending on how he interprets what I'm doing, he will fight or flee.  The give and take in horse human relationships is very interesting.
Read more

The Master Horsemanship Series Part 1 DVD Set!

Do You Remember Why You Got Into Horses?
To enjoy the power, freedom, fun, and excitement that horses have to offer. 

Fall 2011 Sale Horses - AQHA & Lusitano

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Competition Results for The Horse Ranch

1st place Tom Ryan
2nd place Mikey Neilson
3rd place Dave Tissington

1st place Carson Stewart
2nd place Keily Stewart
3rd place Kory Aason

The winner of the Chilli Cookoff was Irene Lemoine, 2nd place Keily Stewart, 3rd place split between Carson Stewart & Roxanne Sapergia.

Left:  Tom sending his horse Cue over the log jump.

September 10 & 11 Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition

Update:  Over $3200 now and more coming in! Wow, some amazing sponsorship for the Extreme Horsemanship Clinic and Competition this weekend - some people that took care of their horsemanship (and their Chili making skills!) are going to really be rewarded for it !
Thank you  to:
Terry McLeod of Kamber Nitrogen Services - $600
Cancor/Propile - $600

High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Day 6

Check out Day 6 of Colt Starting Week on our High & Wild Learning vacation with Glenn Stewart!

If you enjoyed these videos of the Colt Starting portion of our High & Wild Learning Adventures with Glenn Stewart then check out the "High & Wild" section of our website under "Horsemanship" for more information and to book your Horsemanship Learning Adventure for next year!

High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Day 5

Check out Day 5 of Colt Starting Week on our High & Wild Learning vacation with Glenn Stewart! 

Make sure you post your name suggestions for the little stud colt featured in our Day 4 & 5 videos on our "Natural Horsemanship with Glenn Stewart" Facebook Page!

If you enjoyed this video then keep checking back as we will be trying to post new daily updates about our High & Wild Colt Starting Adventures in the Mountains!



High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Day 4

Check out Day 4 of Colt Starting Week on our High & Wild Learning vacation with Glenn Stewart!

If you enjoyed this video then keep checking back as we will be trying to post new daily updates about our High & Wild Colt Starting Adventures in the Mountains!

High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Day 3

Check out Day 3 of Colt Starting Week on our High & Wild Learning vacation with Glenn Stewart!

Today Glenn put in another session on the mare he started yesterday. He has been following The Road to the Horse guidelines spending 2 1/2 hours with her yesterday and 2 hours today with a half hour break for the horse taken at some point during each session. Tomorrow we will be setting up a course for him to take her through!

If you enjoyed this video then keep checking back as we will be trying to post new daily updates about our High & Wild Colt Starting Adventures in the Mountains!

High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Day 2

Check out Day 2 of Colt Starting Week on our High & Wild Learning vacation with Glenn Stewart!

Today Glenn got in a little Road to the Horse practice by choosing one of the toughest, untouched horses in the herd to start under saddle. He has spent two hours playing with her today and will be spending an hour and a half with her tomorrow before going through a little course we construct for him!

If you enjoyed this video then keep checking back as we will be trying to post new daily updates about our High & Wild Colt Starting Adventures in the Mountains!


High & Wild Adventures with Glenn Stewart Week 1 Colt Starting - Arrival Day

If you enjoyed this video then keep checking back as we will be trying to post new daily updates about our High & Wild Colt Starting Adventures in the Mountains!

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition in Eaglesham, AB

Extreme Cowboy Racing is the fastest growing equine sport in North America. Join Glenn Stewart as he hosts this fun, fast-paced event in association with Extreme Horsemanship Canada at the Eaglesham Fair in Eaglesham Alberta.

Upcoming Extreme Racing Events:

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition
Sept 4-5, 2011
Smithers, BC

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition
Sept 10-11, 2011
Fort St John, BC

Extreme Horsemanship Canada Clinic & Competition
Oct 15-16, 2011
Saskatoon, SK

Final day at the Calgary Stampede

If  you have already seen the last day then you will know that I ended up in third, the day they hand out the buckle and the big check. I have to congratulate the fellows that came in first and second. I thought they had real nice runs and I agree with the judges. I have judged a few events and competitions and it is a thankless job and a very tough job. There is always someone who doesn’t agree with the way the judges see it but I for one thought I got beat fair and square. 

Calgary Stampede Interview Day One

Day 2 of 3 - Glenn at the Calgary Stampede 2011 Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge

Watch Glenn at the Calgary Stampede 2011 Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge

Calgary Stampede Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge Day 1

Headed for the Calgary Stampede Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge!

Calgary Stampede, here they come! Glenn will be defending his 2010 Championship in the Calgary Stampede Extreme Cowboy Up Challenge, put on by Craig Cameron, who is also one of the competitors (representing the United States) in the 2011 Road To The Horse. The Cowboy Up Challenge will start at 3pm each day, from July 9 -11. Get ready for some fun watching and cheer him and Jet on - come and see it live , or watch it LIVE online!

Here is the online link:

Glenn Stewart joins the 2012 Road To The Horse!

Glenn has been invited to participate in the World Championship of Colt Starting in the 2012 Road to the Horse in Murfreesboro, TN!  2012 Road to the Horse Goes Global with International Teams - The entire equine industry has been abuzz since the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends event which matched the United States’ three largest superstar clinicians against one another in a horsemanship duel of epic proportions.

The Horse Ranch Mare Sale - Pick Your Stallion, Lusitano or AQHA!

Extreme Horsemanship - They did it again!

 Once more, Glenn and his 10 year old AQHA Stallion Jet Jet Smooth emerged as winners of the Extreme Cowboy Up Clinic and Competition held over the weekend at the Calgary Stampede Grounds. 

The Extreme Cowboy Challenge originated in the states, an event ran by Clinician Craig Cameron.  The weekend clinic wrapped up with a competition based on speed and expertise in performing a series of manoeuvres that are a test of horsemanship and versatility.

Performance Horse Sale, Olds AB, April 8th

Performance Horse Sale

Friday April 8th, 2011 - 6 pm Olds, Alberta

In conjunction with the Canadian Cutting Horse Association
National Finals.

Finished horses and prospects from proven bloodlines in Cutting, Reining, Roping & Cowhorse!

Live Broadcast & Online Bidding Welcome!

New Courses Added - Natural Horsemanship Intensives

4-Week Horsemanship Intensive May 16 – June 8, 2011

6-Week Horsemanship Intensive June 10 - August 6, 2011

Both of these Intensives take place at The Horse Ranch, 22 KM North of Fort St. John, BC, taught by Natural Horsemanship Instructor Glenn Stewart.  We've designed these Intensives in mind for those of you that would like to stay for more than a couple camps, but don't have quite enough time available to stay for the full 3-Month Horsemanship Course.

4 Week Horsemanship Intensive May 16 – June 8, 2011

Christmas Shopping at The Horse Ranch

Merry Christmas from The Horse Ranch!  Cool gift ideas including suede Bareback Pads, Ladies Vests, Ranch Ropes, Black Horsemans Reins with Horsehair Tassle, plus all the regular basic essentials such as natural halters, ropes, lines, horsemans sticks, and educational DVDs.   Free Shipping in Canada on all orders that include the 3-DVD Horse Development Colt Starting Series!

  • Canadian Online Orders that include Colt Starting DVDs:  Shipping charges will be removed when your order is processed

Meet the Future Stars - The 2010 Babies of The Horse Ranch!

Meet:  Genuine Jet Flame
Flame is our first Lusitano - Quarter Horse Colt, out of Az and Habanaro.  He was born Sorrel and is greying out through the most unusual strawberry roan colour - more bay than sorrel red hairs.  He is a magnificent moving and looking colt, and we can't wait to see him as he develops.  He was born a bit later and has outsized nearly all his QH brothers and sisters.  Flame is a very special colt, and will make a fabulous dressage prospect.  Meet the Future Stars of the Horse Ranch - Flame, Diva, Beyonce, Sonic, Mystic, and Stetson at

Horse Development Program, Sacramento, CA

Glenn Stewart is headed to the Silverhorne Sporthorse Ranch in Sacramento CA, where he will be implementing his Horse Development Program with offspring  from one of the USA's leading Hanoverian stallions, Sir Caletto. 

The Horse Ranch Natural Horsemanship Tournament Update!

The Horse Ranch Horsemanship tournament has come and gone for another year! We had wonderful weather and a great bunch out to watch and compete. The course was different again this year, all 4 savvys mixed together with a 7 minute overall time limit and a 30 second time limit per obstacle. We had a campfire, jumps, bridges, alley ways, brush piles and lots of other tasks to complete. Everyone did very well and it was a real crowd pleaser. A few admitted to being way outside their comfort zone which is part of the learning process.

Natural Horsemanship Tournament September 18th

We are excited to announce our annual Natural Horsemanship Tournament at The Horse Ranch in Baldonnel BC! This year will be more exciting than ever, we've added participant categories with prizes awarded for first, second and third places.  There will be a variety of different tasks in four areas of savvy, two on the ground:  Online, Liberty; and two in the saddle: Freestyle, and Finesse.  Come out and join the fun! Directions to the Ranch under Contact.

High & Wild Wilderness Horsemanship Adventure Series with Glenn Stewart

First the Colt Starting, then the Adventure, and then on with the Extreme - what a great time! We got in on one of the initial round ups, bringing in the horse herds from the mountains, sorting them for the various camps, then starting to play with 70 head of young horses, mares and colts. Getting them to follow a feel and lead, trimming, and building their confidence with humans.

Glenn Stewart is a Grand Champion at the Calgary Stampede!

Against a throng of Canadian and American heavy hitters, during the first Extreme Cowboy Race held in Canada, Glenn Stewart and Genuine Jet Smooth, his faithful 10-year-old quarter horse stallion, emerged as the winners of the inaugural Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge on Monday afternoon at the Pengrowth Saddledome!

Brass Replacement Snaps for 12' Lead Lines are here!

The Brass Replacement Snaps are here!  If you are like us, you might have a few lead lines with broken snaps lying about collecting dust..and are looking forward to finally putting them back into use!  Regularly $14.99, on special now for $11.99.  Not on the webstore, call 1 877 728 8987 to order or fax in the orderform to 250 789 3797.

New Natural Horsemanship Demonstration Video Released

 The Horse Ranch is proud to release the new Natural Horsemanship Demo video showcasing some of the exciting skills you can learn.  

The Horse Ranch Online Store is open - come on in!

Tie your horse to the hitching post outside; put your feet up in front of the pot bellied stove...tell us a story and we’ll pour you a cup of coffee!  We wish things really were still that way, and that the store actually looked like the one in the picture! The next best thing in this day and age is shopping in the convenience of your own home, 24/7, on our McAfee Certified safe and secured online store.  (Unfortunately, it’s not an excuse to ride your horse!)  Just click on Shop.

The Present

Seeing as it is the holiday season, there is much attention given to the topic of presents.  So I thought I’d tell you about a profound gift I was given this fall.  To me it represents the true meaning of a present  and has a way of putting things into the right perspective.   If you are in a mood for a little introspection, click here and watch this, before you read on.  Click at the top of each picture to go to the next page. You just might not believe how it can change your outlook, and how that can in turn shape events. 

Free Shipping Until December 10th - Give the Gift of Horsemanship this Christmas!

Get your Christmas Shopping done early - Give the gift of horsemanship!  Free Shipping anywhere in Canada on Bareback Pads, Colt Starting 3-DVD Series and on all orders over $400!  Call before December 10th 1 877 728 8987 or fax in your order form to: 250 789 3797 .  See a full description and pictures of some of the products below, or if you are on the front page click on Read More)

The Horse Ranch Bareback Pad - Feel the freedom with the fastest way to improve your riding.  Here it is in action!

Thanks for a great clinic!

Thanks for another great Clinic at the North 9 Ranch of Jeff and Penny Coleman in Stonewall Manitoba!  Everyone did a great job, and the progress in horsemanship was amazing!  Congratulations with your good beginnings and continued horsemanship successes guys and gals, you have lots to feel really good about.  A special thank you to Jeff and Penny for making this possible, Ainsley Gerrard for her artistic contribution, and all the students who make it so rewarding and worthwhile.

Congratulations to Roland Sawatzky!

Congratulations to Roland Sawatzky! 

Roland just completed the Canadian Championship Horse Training Competition and won 1st place out of 16 competitors.  Roland is very handy with horses, extremely athletic, and a recent graduate of Glenn’s 2009 3-Month Horsemanship Course 1, a case in point that:  "If you look after your horsemanship, your horsemanship will look after you."


September 12 Production Horse Sale, Horsemanship Tournament & Demonstration

Production Horse Sale
Kindergarten has started a month early on The Horse Ranch, in preparation for the upcoming sale by Silent Auction which will feature 4 yearlings, Shadow, River, Flash and Jazz; 5 foals, Fire, Spark, Martini, Feather and Arrow, and two of their mamas, Chick and Coyote.   There will be one featured saddlehorse in the sale, a beautiful palomino mare named Dawn.  There is more information about these featured horses under "Sale Horses.   The following pictures were taken as their training (kindergarten!) progressed.  This is one of the yearlings, River.



High & Wild Highlights

Highlights from High & Wild...August 17, 2009

Here is some of what the students had to say about their highlights.

...Realizing and seeing what I had actually learned and acheived over the past 3 months and putting it to practice....


Moving horses from the pasture and up to Jackass Ridge.  Having to stop and listen to find out where they were heading and then getting into position quickly to keep them together and going the right direction.  I am looking forward to doing this again.  Thanks so much for all the new experiences....

What's Happening Today - We're still High & Wild, with a few thoughts about roping a horse.

As with a lot of things, there are good and bad ways to go about them.  Roping a horse a manner that is smooth, calm and effective can be a low stress way to build a rapport between horse and human.  Used properly, it can build confidence, respect, and help the horse learn how to yield from pressure and follow a feel.  Used improperly, it can create the opposite - a lot of brace and fear.

What's Happening Today - We're High & Wild!

July 26, 2009  On a Wilderness Horsemanship Learning Adventure that is!   For the 7th year in a row we're back in the mountains of Northern BC for three weeks of glorious horsemanship, great students, beautiful weather and its SO GOOD TO BE BACK!  I can't believe how much things stay the same here!  Every year I prepare myself  for the inevitable change...



The Lusitanos are here!

As most of you know, we had an open house to view the Lusitanos on May 30th.  They arrived the night before at 5 pm.  The next morning we had a few hours to give them a quick makeover for their debut on Canadian soil.  Theses horses have done more touring than most people.  The flight from Brazil to Florida is about 10 hours. Once they arrived they spent about a month in Florida, then we hauled them to Oklahoma and boarded them at a facility for two months before we moved them to Tom & Shelly Ryans McBride Ranch in McBride BC.  Tom & Shelly loaded up a horsetrailer full and brought them to The Horse Ranch for the Open House.