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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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The Master Horsemanship Series Part 1 DVD Set!

Do You Remember Why You Got Into Horses?
To enjoy the power, freedom, fun, and excitement that horses have to offer. 

Invest in yourself.  If you own a horse, this is for you.  Unlock the true potential of you and your horse, experience and witness what most will never see or feel. 
Join Glenn Stewart and his horses as he explains a step by step method of learning about what matters to the horse, and begin the journey to accomplish whatever your horsemanship goals might be.  Learn skills that will give you extraordinary results.  Start with Glenn as you lay the foundation of essential horse human communication and all the important ways of engaging the horse’s curiosity and attention.  You will learn how to recognize all the signs of good habits, and desirable behaviour essential to success, as well as how to motivate your horse to want to learn. 
Something special emerges when we have the skills and knowledge to communicate to each other, to hear and be heard.  Develop your horsemanship and get the edge.  Your horses want you to know. 

Knowledge creates understanding
? No more horses that won’t load, tie, or lead
? No more getting drug from point to point
? No more dragging your horse
? No more hard to catch, saddle or trim
? No more spooking, bucking, or head shying
? No more troubles de-worming or kicking other horses
? No more worrying about what might happen
? No more runaways, head tossing
? No more stepping on your feet, knocking your hat off
? No more haltering or bridling issues

Understanding builds confidence
? Create a soft, willing, enthusiastic partner
? Develop all four Savvys – Online, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse
? Create and change behaviours you didn’t know could be
? Learn about footfall patterns, impulsion
? Learn about diagonals, leads, and lead changes
? Have a horse that catches you
? Three important ingredients to extraordinary results
? Seven elements in the saddle
? Develop balance in you and your horse
? Vertical and Lateral Flexion
? Light and responsive movement forwards, backwards, sideways
? Forequarter and hindquarter yields

The Master Horsemanship Series Part 1 is six DVDs full of information, techniques, and patterns used by Glenn Stewart at The Horse Ranch.  Glenn shares years of experience used with thousands of horses and people, resulting in extraordinary horse human relationships.

Six DVD Set • includes Stages Program 1-5 and a BONUS DVD

Regular Price $489  Introductory Price $429, until December 31, 2011  Call 1 877 728 8987 to place your pre-order.  Credit Cards will not be processed until your order ships.  We are hoping to have the series out in time to ship for Christmas, but if not, we would be happy to issue Gift Certificates.

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