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The Horse Ranch Natural Horsemanship Tournament Update!

The Horse Ranch Horsemanship tournament has come and gone for another year! We had wonderful weather and a great bunch out to watch and compete. The course was different again this year, all 4 savvys mixed together with a 7 minute overall time limit and a 30 second time limit per obstacle. We had a campfire, jumps, bridges, alley ways, brush piles and lots of other tasks to complete. Everyone did very well and it was a real crowd pleaser. A few admitted to being way outside their comfort zone which is part of the learning process. Dixie and I did some demos of the course, I rode Jet brideless and she rode Tango with one rein for sections of the course.  I'm not sure what the course will be next September, but it will be fun and challenging! We will only be taking 20 competitors.   Everyone says they are coming back and some of the spectators said they are in for 2011.   Make your plans and don't miss out! 

We had 2 different courses. The first was a bit less challenging but the competitors decided to do both and we had the time to do it.  We added up the scores on both courses to come up with first, second, and third overall.   Rebecca Hedges at 13 years old came in third and did an amazing job. Second was Nicky Hemingson from Grande Prairie, and first place went to 30 year old Bojangles and his 12 year old pilot Keily Stewart! The young ones were a force to reckon with and came with their guns blazing.

Winnipeg get ready... I'm making plans for The Horse Ranch Tournament in Stone Wall, MB and it's going to be a good one.  Thank you to all that came out to watched and participated, and for the excellent help of the volunteers.  Thank you for making this day so much fun and such a success.