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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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Horse Development

No force. No fear. Just natural communication and understanding. A good start isn't something, it's everything. A language of communication is developed and the horse learns to trust, understand and accept the rider without force. The horse is handled in such a way that makes sense to him mentally, emotionally and physically, preparing to make the first saddling and riding experiences as positive as possible. Emphasis is placed on re-integrating the horse and owner for a lasting partnership of mutual respect and clear understanding. The broader and stronger the foundation is, the more options available to the owner and more willing and capable their new partner can be. Glenn rides between 30-60 outside horses per year and was awarded the title of Parelli Horse Specialist at the annual Global Instructors conference in Florida. In order to receive this accreditation the requirement is to have a minimum rating in eleven different areas including Young Horses, Starting Under Saddle, Challenging horses, Foundation Training, Instructing, Horsemanship, Reining and Cow Working.

The Horse Ranch is happy to announce that we are now able to extend the Young Horse Development and Foundation Training schedule for our clients from just the winter months to year round.  For dates & various locations please check our schedule online or contact us directly. If you don't see something in your area let us know. We can look at the possibility of setting something up. We usually take deposits for clients to go on a waiting list and do the scheduling from there. All deposits are fully refundable until a mutually agreed upon set of dates and location has been set.

"Just a short note to let you know how well Rick's horse 'Threat' did last weekend. Rick rode him on a 20 mile cattle drive. I rode the bay mare I had at the clinic. We took him up and down steep, muddy hills, through belly deep bogs, through downed timber, through brush. We rode across a concrete bridge deck (with big, scary, expansion joints). We were passed by cattle liners, tank trucks, gravel trucks, you name it. He handled it all like an old pro. People couldn't believe that it was only Rick's second time on him. I couldn't believe it either!!!!!!!!! We had a lot of compliments on how well behaved he was. I just wanted to let you know the training is paying off. We're sure happy with the job you did on him."

Maureen Hummel, Rose Prairie, BC

Glenn is accepting bookings for the following:

Foals & Weanlings - Imprinting
This applies to horses not yet old enough to start under saddle. A lot can be done with imprinting, ground handling, trailer loading and manners while building the bond between horse and human.
Colt Starting
Preparing and developing horses with their ground skills as well as starting them under saddle, giving the horse its first rides.
Challenging Horses
A challenging horse is relevant to the individual handling the horse. To me a challenging horse has extreme tendencies and difficulty handling situations that otherwise would be basically none-issues to other horses.
Foundation Training
This refers to taking a horse from its first rides right up through Stages 1-8 or as high as the customer would like to go. Pertains to people who would like more of a foundation put on their horse rather than just the first few rides.