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High & Wild Wilderness Horsemanship Adventure Series with Glenn Stewart

First the Colt Starting, then the Adventure, and then on with the Extreme - what a great time! We got in on one of the initial round ups, bringing in the horse herds from the mountains, sorting them for the various camps, then starting to play with 70 head of young horses, mares and colts. Getting them to follow a feel and lead, trimming, and building their confidence with humans. We started 16 head of colts most ridden the first day in the corrals, the second day in the mountain meadows, and then on longer excursions where we rode up one of the valleys, tied the horses and hiked up into some Stone Sheep basins, tracing the origins of an ancient spring up through the waterfalls, canyons and pools that it had carved into the rock. In the days to follow we left on a big trail that climbed up into the Lodge at Blue Lake– a new lodge, smaller than the main one, but absolutely gorgeous. 

We spent several days there, riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, and even found a way to do some redneck waterskiing...and as usual a lot of time was spent in the wood-heated freshwater hot tub, or socializing on the deck, as well as eating fresh bread, and reading. 






"We've had campfire starting competitions, learned more than we thought possible, galloped in the pouring rain, and laughed until our sides ached."

On the Extreme Week we rode back to the main Lodge and changed the colts out for some more newly started ones, pulled out of "The Lodge" with packhorses, carrying everything we needed for the next four days.  We checked out the wolf dens, the mystery of the sinkholes, and "The Narrows" - where an entire river disappears into a solid rock gorge. We headed for some new country - "The Forks", a place where Glenn has never taken students before, packing and riding some of the colts we started this year and last, as well as some of the older horses. Our colts never missed a beat; I was very proud of them and even more proud of Dillon, Eva and Lawrence. They each started 4 horses and were riding them down the mountain trails.  We took our colts on 5 hour rides to other camps, crossed rivers and lead pack horses from them. Absolutely fantastic job. When we left for the Forks we were all riding our colts and before the day was over we also ran into an 8 foot Grizzly. I was the lucky one because it was 50 feet from me on the trail and I got to watch it for a while before it noticed us. It stood on its hind legs to have a look - I let out a whoop and holler to make sure it went the other way. It did, and what a magnificent animal!  So...what did the colts do? Not much! Sniffed and snorted a little and continued on down the trail.
We got to The Forks Camp and spent the next few days relaxing in camp or climbing mountains up with the sheep, then rode up to Sloan Draw where we got to take pictures of 10 different waterfalls, toasted our sandwiches over a camp fire, had a nap and rode back to camp for supper - yet another camp fire and a sip of fine wine, to reflect on the horsemanship discoveries of the day.

Going to High & Wild is hands down the highlight of our year. The experience of being in the mountains immersed in horsemanship and fresh air, woven into timeless valleys and trails, so removed from the outside world of cell phones, traffic and deadlines is restorative in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. It is a place where time stands still for a while and lets you catch your breath. Those that have been to High & Wild agree that words and pictures cannot ever describe the experience they have enjoyed, but we've all tried! We have a beautiful High & Wild DVD, a gallery of photos, excerpts of magazine articles, student highlights and a map - the map of all maps!

Here were some of the highlights & reflections:
“I have become more efficient in the time I spend with horses, as well as my feel and timing have improved.  Having more responsibility this year increased my awareness and confidence.  This was my best summer yet!”  Dillon, return 3-Month Course Student

“Being thrown in with 200 head of mountain raised wild horses and given the task of catching/haltering them if you can, pick up their feet and trim them, and touch them all over has definitely improved my confidence in my abilities, and my desire/ability to read the horse to help them and stay safe.  I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience the variety of horses I have played with.”  Eva, 3-Month Student, reflecting on the Colt Starting Week


“This is the best year ever! Being able to start those colts myself, taking them for their first rides in the meadows and seeing how they can be transformed in such a short amount of time was amazing.” Lawrence, former 3-Month Student and 4 years of getting Higher and Wilder! A Veteran!

“Flying in and seeing the unique green of the south slopes dotted with elk...landing and being enveloped in the deep cool silence of the mountains, laced with the tinkling of horse bells, the laughter of the creek, and the smell of fresh bread on the wind...a good book, my family, and the see how my old friends wintered, relishing the creative horsemanship possibilities that lie ahead.  Discoveries lying dormant,  just waiting to be uncovered for both the horses and myself, to find out what it is that we can be together that we couldn’t be otherwise without one another.  I am thankful for our return to the mountains every year, for how little it changes, how solid it is, and that I get to visit this place in this way, for this purpose.”  Dixie

Just imagine...a luxurious lodge set 80 miles from the nearest road only accessible by air or horses three learning adventure vacations with Natural Horsemanship Instructor Glenn Stewart, seven days and six nights each, of horsemanship set in the rugged mountains of Northern British Columbia.  Transportation from Fort St. John BC included, as well as meals and full accommodation, horses and saddles. These trips are an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills, putting natural horsemanship principles to purpose in a magnificent wilderness setting with horses raised in the wild. For more information, application, video, picture galleries visit High & Wild under Horsemanship on our website

The dates this year are as follows, and next year’s dates will most likely be exactly the same.
Week 1 - High & Wild Colt Starting, Young Horse Development & Problem Solving...July 25-31, 2010
Week 2 - High & Wild Adventure...July 31-August 6, 2010
Week 3 - High & Wild Extreme...August 6-12, 2010

Regular Price $2275 - Earlybird bookings by Jan 15th Price $1875

To reserve your spot for next year call 1 877 728 8987 or email
Happy Trails!
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