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High & Wild Horsemanship Education Week 1

July 30, 2018 - August 5, 2018
The Rocky Mountains of Northern B.C.

Shauna Stasynec

Horsemanship and horse development is on the menu each day. Some will have young horses to get started for their first ride while others will have quiet seasoned trail horses to prepare for exploring the mountain trails. This week is perfect for students just starting off on their learning journey while still getting a taste of adventure. Our advanced students will be challenged by Glenn to assist in training and development of the herd. Going to High & Wild is hands down the highlight of our year. The experience of being in those mountains immersed in horsemanship and fresh air, woven into timeless valleys and trails, so removed from the outside world of cell phones, traffic and deadlines is restorative in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. It is a place where time stands still for a while and lets you catch your breath. Those that have been to High & Wild agree that words and pictures cannot ever describe the experience they have enjoyed, but we've all tried! We have a beautiful High & Wild DVD, a gallery of photos, exerts of magazine articles, student highlights and a map - the map of all maps! The main focus of this particular week is to increase your skill level with horses, presenting opportunities to sharpen your skills with multiple horses, studying the behavior and psychology of one of the last free-range horse herds in Canada. These horses live year-round in the mountains and have developed undomesticated herd/individual behavior and survival strategies. They are in charge of their own health and welfare throughout the year and interacting with these horses in their purest form is eye opening. Experience an excellent example of putting principles to purpose, of how "Horsemanship is Natural". Experience how horses can go from pawing snow and fighting wolves in the winter to their legs becoming ours and our thoughts becoming theirs, all in ways that preserve their dignity and help us do and be so much more than we would be if not for them. Check out pictures, videos, and blogs of last years High and Wild adventure under 'horsemanship' then 'high and wild' Regular rate $2550 Save with our earlybird rate of $2100 ending February 15, 2018 both weeks and save $300!

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