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"Heaven is One Ride Away"

"Heaven Is One Ride Away"

Stan just sent me in this lovely song he wrote for a friend, and little story about his mare "Champayne" that he had Glenn start recently in Saskatoon.  Its touching, funny, and just really great, thank you Stan!  We love it!  Click "read more" below to see it.

"Its official ... world class horse trainer Glenn Stewart started tearing up today as he watched  the final session (of 10) as I, the Polish Prince, rode Champayne around the Willowridge arena in Saskatoon.

The excitement echoed throughout the building ... as the large cheering audience erupted as the announcer introduced what appears to be the first "WONDER HORSE"  and his trainer Glenn Stewart.

One lady in the audience said the last time she felt that good was when she saw Elvis Presley August 26, 1969 in Las Vegas.

Several horse/riders were in the arena during this last session ... and it was clear by their reaction.... they too knew the wonder horse was in their presence.    

Lori and I have enjoyed spending time with Glenn at Willowridge for the 10 day colt start.

I got used  to waking up at 6am every morning to feed and clean Champayne's  stall as she has lived indoors for the first time in your life .. Sunday she moves outdoors and we plan to keep her at Willowridge till late March. It is only a 9 minute drive from our house and has a large indoor arena.

Thanks to Glenn, Champayne now knows the basics of what a horse is to do when asked by a rider and ground work  ... and although some people claim this takes 60-90 days ... Glenn can do it well in 10.

What we discovered is as handlers and riders...WE have lots to learn....and Glenn assures us that Champayne is safe and steady and is a great horse for us to enjoy.   Not a fined tuned Ferrari, more like a station wagon...ready for miles of family fun and good times. 

I would like to say thanks to Glenn, Wendy for coordinating the colt start, Lynda at Willowridge for looking after us ... and to Terry and Moira for stopping by several times.  Terry has also supplied me with a saddle until I determine what saddle is suitable for the wonder horse .. 

I hope you enjoyed following the training of the wonder horse.

Riding into the sunset!

PS I have attached a song I wrote for my cowboy friend Carl Peterson ... as a way to say goodbye to his love of his life Norma.  I hope you enjoy it!  Long live the cowboy and cowgirl!"