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Glenn Stewart looking back at Road To The Horse 2012!

Hello everybody, it's Glenn here. I have just now started to come out of the fog of all the excitement from the weekend at the 2012 Road to the Horse World Championship of Colt Starting in Murfreesboro, TN - it was absolutely thrilling, exciting, challenging, and a joy to be involved with. I would not have...

been there without my families support and Dixie in particular. It was quite something to get organized. The Canadian fan club was small and loud to begin with but it seemed to grow and I sure appreciated it. Jonathan was the perfect teammate. He was positive, encouraging and a friend. He was professional in all areas and I was lucky to have him as a teammate. Thanks to all the people who helped with the horses, the booth and keeping me on schedule I could not have done it without you. You were all supportive and encouraging to horsemanship, regardless of the country and thats classy. I never heard a negative comment from any person from any country and that was great. The other competitors were great fun and professional to be around and I believe everybody was there for the right reason. I also really liked and enjoyed my horse Sixes Peg, and if I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd do it with him and I hope he'ed say the same for me!  See you all soon and I will give you the behind the play by play bloopers. Lots to talk about from a horsemanship perspective as well. Glad to have shared this experience with so many of you.  Thank you, Glenn.

Here are some photos and a few articles that were written detailing this entire exciting event! Photo Credits: Road to the Horse / Gus Reyes Team Australia wins Road to the Horse and Canadian Glenn Stewart takes the Crowd!

America's Quarterhorse Daily: The Road Down Under Canada's Horseman Recaps Road to the Horse Showdown

American Quarter Horse Association Road to the Horse International

AQHA Photostream:  Who Wants to Ride This? The answer, apart from a few bronc riders out there, is nobody. So Canadian Glenn Stewart worked to get his horse, Sixes Peg, calmer about wearing a saddle.  Local Trainer off to Represent Canada

Representing Canada, Jonathan Field and Glenn Stewart

One of three round pens set up in the center of the arena

Glenns partner Sixes Peg roaring and bucking, expressing his thoughts about the cinch.

Working things out together

Encouraging braveness, forward movement and thought

Some of the wonderful Canadian Fans!

The Judges

Richard Winters and Glenn having a laugh

The moment of truth about to arrive...

Ears forward and on a slack rein, Sixes Peg came through with flying colours, exhibiting exhuberance, willingness and spirit!

Glenns version of a victory roll!  He was so happy with his horse and what they did together!  I am sure his horse felt the happiness too.

The Line Up - Jonathan, Glenn, Craig, Pat, Guy, and Dan

Glenn and Az ( Az do Vouga ASBPL Lusitano)

All the people who love horses and give the platform to present the horsemanship

Team Canada, great freinds, Glenn and Jonathan

A wonderful lady and the beautiful producer of it all, Tootie Bland!

And now for the final word from Dixie!!! 

The 2012 Road to the Horse was a unforgettable place and moment in time for us, and it was wonderful to experience and feel the camaraderie between all the clinicians - Pat, Craig, Jonathan, Guy and Dan - their families, and their wonderful crews. The behind-the-scenes wit, humor, and playfulness was just a joy to be a part of. Jonathan was a perfect teammate to Glenn, and you couldn't ask for  better friends than he and his wife Angie, Weston, and Mason are to us. I have never had more belly laughs than during every time single time we get together. Thank you to Tootie Bland and all her great crew - the ones I got to meet...Julie, Vernon, Amanda, Ann, Adam, Glen, Boss, Casey... and I would especially like to thank Glenns mom and dad, Mel and Ethelann Stewart who are always such a huge part of our lives!

It was so wonderful to reunite with so many old friends at the event, renewing old treasured friendships and building new ones.  Thank you to all our friends, old and new who were a part of it all with us, up close and from a distance, we couldn't have done it without you, your encouragement, help in so many different ways, warmth and friendship means the world to us.

And Glenn - I could not be more proud of your performance, you stuck to your principles, practiced exactly what you preach, you put your horse first, and as usual, took care of and lived completely in the moment with your horse Sixes Peg so perfectly that the future just worked itself out for the two of you. Your patience - mental, emotional, and physical fitness is brilliant! With love, your biggest fan and worst critic, your wife! As our girls say: YOU ROCK DAD!!!!

With love, Dixie.