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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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Get your Christmas Shopping done early - Give the gift of horsemanship!  Free Shipping anywhere in Canada on Bareback Pads, Colt Starting 3-DVD Series and on all orders over $400!  Call before December 10th 1 877 728 8987 or fax in your order form to: 250 789 3797 .  See a full description and pictures of some of the products below, or if you are on the front page click on Read More)

The Horse Ranch Bareback Pad - Feel the freedom with the fastest way to improve your riding.  Here it is in action!

The Horse Ranch Bareback Pads are something we have built for ourselves and use all the time. They have a suede surface that we stock in four different colours (black, toast, rust, and chocolate), a medical wool felt underside, with a leather handle and bevelled D-rings with latigos to attach to a regular western cinch.
One of the best and most important features of this bareback pad is there are no stirrups to cause it to roll or twist when you are riding. Bareback pads are not meant to have stirrups, without a tree like saddles have they can roll easily if they had stirrups.  And with the wayyour pants stick like Velcro to the gorgeous suede lining who needs stirrups!  The Bareback Pad is a perfect alternative to a heavy saddle when you just want something light, and to help improve your riding skills by bridging the gap between riding with a saddle or completely bareback.  Keeps your pants clean, and protects your horses back.  These pads are currently not sold on any retail shelf in Canada, a few imitations but none have come close to the looks, quality, safety features, and durability.  Below, right to left: black, toast, chocolate, rust.

Horse Development Program - Colt Starting 3-DVD Series
A good start isn't something, it’s everything! Join Natural Horseman Glenn Stewart as he spends three days with a colt born in the wilderness of the Northern BC Rockies. From following a feel to accepting the rider, learn from Glenn as he uses concepts, theories and techniques that prepare the horse for his first saddling and riding experiences - ideas that can be used on any age or breed of horse. Watch as the horse transforms from an untamed member of a
free running mountain herd to a respectful and understanding partner.

Shot in the beautiful Canadian Northern Rocky Mountains, these five hours of Colt Starting exercises represent the first stage of the relationship that a rider must build with his or her horse, not through force or fear, but through communication and understanding. Help the horse you ride now to accept and learn what this young horse is able to do after only three sessions. Watch a preview clip here:

6’ String - The 6-foot Savvy String extends your Horseman’s Stick, helps build his confidence, gets them used to things around their legs; doubles as a Cherokee Bridle; helps the transition to bridle-less... has a thousand applications!



12’ Line - A direct line of communication with your horse.
The best rope in the world is not a lead rope…It’s a line of communication between you and your horse.  The 12’ line is designed to help you have more effective communication with your horse on the ground.
And it’s no ordinary rope.
•    It’s made of high quality yachting braid rope that resists water and salt, thereby sweat.
•    The outer braid is very smooth so it can flow through your hands when you need to allow your horse more drift.
•    It’s not too thick (which would make it dull and heavy) nor too thin (which would make it hard to hold and flimsy)…it’s just right.
•    The rope has an inner core that gives life and feel to the rope when you move or wiggle it.  Therefore it conveys your messages more clearly to your horse.
•    The rope is braided back into itself at both ends to act as a counterweight for quick release, and to balance the end of the line when you are swinging it. 
•    The leather popper on the end acts as an extension as well as an extra stimulus because the sound it makes when you twirl the end or touch the horse with it.
•    12 feet is the perfect length.  It’s longer than the horse, and will allow for lots of movement.
•    It has a sturdy swivel snap that prevents the rope from twisting and improves feel and features a latigo popper.

Use this 12-foot Line in conjunction with the Horseman’s halter to play with your horse on the ground, as well as for all the other reasons you would use a halter and lead:  tying, trailering, ponying etc.  There is no need ever again to use short, rough, flimsy, inferior ropes or wide halters that encourage a horse to resist.

22’ Line - The intermediate and advanced stage communication tool to take your Natural Horsemanship skills to the next step.
Once you've built respect on the 12-foot Line, the challenge needs to extend to 22 feet. You'll build up to the full 22 feet as you become better able to keep control and more effective in your communication (Stage 3 and beyond)  This line is used to teach horses from greater distances and allows horses more "drift" if needed. Can also be used for long lines when driving.  Features: smooth, high quality yachting braid; carabineer clip; 2-inch ring for quick release; and latigo popper.

45’ Line - The tool for advanced communication, Glenn does not leave home without it. (And don't you just love that chair??) We’ve chosen this 45’ Line with a great deal of care and consideration.  The lay of this 3/8 inch diameter, nylon lariat is deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity, lightness and is fitted with a Montana Buckaroo Hondo so it can be used from the ground or saddle. Some horses need even more drift than the amount they can have with a 22-foot rope. This is where a 45-foot Line will allow you to gain even more respect from greater distances (Stage 6 & beyond), and is a tool that you will want to get handy with to expand your horsemanship width and depth of skills.

Horseman’s Stick - Helps you build trust and acceptance . To the horse, the Horsemans Stick is an extension of your arm.  If you attach the 6-foot Savvy String it will extend your arm to 13 feet!  You can use this to prove to your horse in a variety of ways that humans can be trusted and are not as bad as we smell (like predators!) Helps the horse learn to not be afraid of having his legs, belly, ears and other sensitive spots touched and keeps you in a safe position and distance.  Use it to teach a horse to yield from direct or rhythmic pressure, with quicker results than using your hands alone.   The minimal-flex design gives you more feel, accuracy and options on the ground as well as in the saddle. When riding, it teaches your horse about supporting reins and helps support what your legs are saying. Features: leather loop; ergonomically-designed rubber handle for non-slip, comfortable grip; 4-feet in length.  6' Savvy String not included.

Natural Halter - Helps to give your horse an understandable message. The Natural Halter is made of high quality soft yachting rope, hand tied with knots balanced in strategic places. The loop for attaching 12’, 22’, or 45’ lines hangs below the jaw and acts as a hinge. The thin yachting braid is smooth and light, perfect for clear communication.  These halters are very comfortable for the horse to wear yet uncomfortable to pull or lean on making it simple to convey the message of making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult. Also used for some riding exercises. Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green.

Natural Hackamore - The Natural Rope Hackamore is constructed of the same soft rope as the Horseman's Halter with Horsemans Reins made of the same half-inch line as the 12-foot Line.
The reins combine a nine-foot loop rein with an additional 12-foot Line so you have both reins and a lead rope in one, an ideal combination for ground skills and riding.
The concept is to save the horse's mouth and allow horse and human time to develop their riding skills and prepare for the bit. As you start spending more time riding your horse and less time on the ground, you'll find the Natural Hackamore ideal. It is perfect for teaching people and horses to feel and respond without damaging a sensitive mouth. Designed for 80% riding and 20% ground work.
Lightweight, soft, strong, facilitates ground skills as well as riding. Features: high quality yachting braid; loop rein and 12-foot lead in one. Hackamore headstall colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green, white reins.


Finesse Reins - Snap on Western style or leather buckled English style.  High quality reins made of the same yachting braid as our ground skill lines and Horseman's Reins with a very classy clean look about them.  They come in two designs, Western, which has a quick release brass snap for attaching to the bit, and English, which has black leather buckles for attaching to the bit for a quieter connection.   The Finesse Reins are designed especially for a steadier feel than Horseman’s Mecate Reins, one that is transmitted quicker directly from your hands to your horse’s mouth.  If you are able to offer a steady and considerate feel to your horse these are the reins for you.





In the above picture, Jet is modeling the Western Finesse Reins.  Isn't he handsome?

Top - English Finesse Reins

Bottem - Western Finess Reins


Horseman’s Flag – Efficient, light and comfortable to use, without the hassle of changing your string for a plastic bag.
4 feet in length, lighter weight and more flexible than a Horsemans Stick.  Rubber Grip handle on one end and red Nylon flag on the other. The flag is made so that it is easier and lighter to handle than a Horseman’s Stick.  Feels like a fishing rod. Great to use in moving or directing horses feet, and fantastic for helping horses build confidence and get over their spookiness.  We like this because there is no fussing with attaching or detaching a plastic bag to the Horsemans Stick, we can just have our sticks ready for use with or without the string and have the right tools at our fingertips ready to go as the situation calls for it.

Australian Stock Whips – Top quality whips made in Australia by people who use them daily in the outback.

A unique gift and fabulous tool to improve your feel and timing by all different kinds of whip cracking. Get a matched set, one for each hand - double the challenge and see if you can wake the neighbors.

Brazilian Working Equitation Horsemanship Adventure DVD Join Glenn and a group of horse enthusiasts and adventure seekers as they ride through the Brazilian countryside on majestic Lusitano stallions, and learn about the sport of working equitation at one of the most beautiful ranches in Brazil.

High & Wild Horsemanship Adventure DVD - Step inside and join us in the beautiful B.C. mountains for the horseback trip of a lifetime.
Get High & Wild….on a wilderness safari that is!  Presented by Natural Horsemanship Instructor Glenn Stewart, the High & Wild Wilderness Adventures are a series of one two or three week learning/adventure vacations at a luxurious lodge set 80 miles from the nearest highway and only accessible by air or horseback. 

Located in the beautiful rugged mountain ranges of the Muskwa Ketchika in Northern British Columbia, this is home to one of the last remaining free range horse herds in North America.

Participants from all over the world come together to share in this annual experience, an opportunity to put Natural Horsemanship principles to purpose with true mountain bred horses in a magnificent wilderness setting.  This video was captured during the 2007 High & Wild Adventure - visit High & Wild to learn about how you can participate in further adventures.  See video clip preview here in the Gallery



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