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Final day at the Calgary Stampede

If  you have already seen the last day then you will know that I ended up in third, the day they hand out the buckle and the big check. I have to congratulate the fellows that came in first and second. I thought they had real nice runs and I agree with the judges. I have judged a few events and competitions and it is a thankless job and a very tough job. There is always someone who doesn’t agree with the way the judges see it but I for one thought I got beat fair and square. 

Jet felt the best today that he has felt since we arrived.  He got on the muscle when I had my passenger. I think she might have been hanging on with her legs because he didn’t have too much stop.  Had I went slower she wouldn’t have had to hang on so much.  After that we ended up with a couple extra lead changes where they were not needed and got a left lead coming off the trailer and didn’t get him into the right until I got to the brush pile. Under the brush there was a tarp that they all had to step on as well and it bothered him each day which give us some trouble.

I liked today’s course much better. I thought it covered a much wider area of horsemanship. The best part of the whole day was when I walked out the gate after my run and stopped to loosen Jets saddle he actually yawned.  He is a great example to try and live up to. I think the lesson I hope I’ve learned from the past 3 days is slower and more correct would have been the order of the day. Hope you enjoyed a bit of insider look at the competition.  Headed home to give a leads and lead change and advanced liberty clinic. (Glad I’m going to be there - I’ll have to listen closely, ha ha) after that we have an Extreme Horsemanship Canada clinic and competition to put on then home one day and off to the mountains for 3 weeks. If we get a chance maybe we can put up some video and a comment or two while we are in the mountains.

- Glenn