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Fall 2011 Sale Horses - AQHA & Lusitano

Meet Tango...Genuine Playboy Jet.  He is my horse. I was lucky to catch this photo, and I'm lucky to have him!  He's my Pot of Gold under the Rainbow.  I also have his three full brothers, Samba, Rhumba, and Bolaro.  They are pretty much identical bays, and they are part of my dream come true.  Whats yours?  If its a horse, there are some pretty special ones that live here.

Special in their conformation, thier minds, and their behavior.  These are all above average horses, for people with above average expectations for their dreams.  Here's the fall lineup.

.. All the best, Dixie.

The Yearlings...

Left to right, front row:
Flame  - 2010 Grey Gelding Lusitano/AQHA Cross, out of Aviero Do Mito and Habanaro, $5000
Sonic - 2010 Bay AQHA Gelding, $1000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and JH Coyote
Stetson - 2010 Sorrel AQHA Gelding, $1000, out of  Genuine Jet Smooth and LC Miss Quincey Red
Diva - 2010 Sorrel Mare, $1000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and Passers Perfection
Mystic - 2010 Bay Mare, $1000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and Zips Future is Dunn

Stetson, Diva, and Mystic (Above L-R)

Flame & Mystic (Left, L-R)
Flame is a Lusitano AQHA cross.  The Lusitano is the best kept secret in the horse industry - you have to ride one, or see one ridden, to truly appreciate the natural athleticism and intelligence.  Here is a link to our website that shows Flames sire, Aveiro Do Mito, a purebred imported straight from Brazil. 

The Lusitano lineage can be traced back to the times of Xenophan, bred for agility, intelligence, and strength; they have been the horse of kings throughout the centuries.   Because of their agility and calmness, the Lusitano was bred for warfare, and to safely carry the King.

2 & 3 Year Olds, Lightly Started Right...

The Youngins'...
Flash(above, far right)
2008 Bay AQHA Gelding, $3000 out of Genuine Jet Smooth and LC Montes Chick. He is flashy, just like his name, and likes to move his 3 white feet.  He has a white star.



Jazz(above, 2nd from right)
2008 Sorrel AQHA Filly, $3000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and LC Miss Quincy Red.  A  pretty and gentle mare, fine featured.








2008 Sorrel AQHA Filly, $2000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and JH Coyote.  Shadow is nice mannered, quiet, and willing. I wasn't out there with the camera when she was ridden, but she has been lightly started under saddle, just a few nice rides.






2009 Liver Chesnut AQHA Filly, $2000, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and Passers Perfection.  Martini is another gorgeous quiet mare.  She has been lightly started under saddle as well.
She and her sister Jazz have nearly identical facial markings!







More to come...stay tuned for the Mature Saddle Horses and Broodmares, I will add them later today or probably tomorrow.  Right now it is Sunday morning and Keily and I are going for a beautiful fall ride to the river!  Keily will be riding her horse Starbuck and I am going to take Samba for a whirl.  Bye for now, back with more soon!

Well, that was wonderful.  We had a great ride, lit a big fire when we got down there and enjoyed the late fall sunshine looking for fossils and fishing.  So, moving on...

Mature Saddle Horses

2004 Bay AQHA Gelding, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and LC Montes Chick.  $5000. Whiskey is a big strong good looking horse, he would make an excellent ranch horse, or roping horse.   Glenn has always been "saving" him, but he has to go!  There is too many he is "saving"! Whisky is extremely friendly and willing to go to work.

2005 Sorrel AQHA Gelding with flaxen mane and tail, out of Genuine Jet Smooth and JH Coyote.  $5000.  He is another big strong horse, a little longer legged than Whiskey and can cover a lot of ground with a big energetic walk.  He is friendly and nice to ride.






2002 Bay Mare out of Genuine Jet Smooth and JH Coyote.  $3500.  This mare has gorgeous confirmation, and is the dam of Flame.  She is athletic and is extremly versatile and talented.
Lots of manageable get up and go, and tons of ability.

2004 Palomino Mare out of Peppy San Gambler and Slick Chickalena.  $4500.  Dawn is a  pretty mare, on the smaller side, lots of training and is willing and athletic.
  She is fine featured and well put together, carries herself neatly.  

Whiskey, Wiley, Habanaro and Dawn all come with a free camp or clinic. They have all had extensive training under our Horse Development program. 


1997 Bay AQHA Mare, out of Badlands Monte and Miss Tamo Chick.  $4000.  She is bred to Aveiro do Mito, ABPSL Lusitano.  This is a horrid picture, but she is an extremely well put together mare, heavy, deep in the chest and has beautiful muscle definition, big gaskins etc.  Chick has given us and many students great horses over the years - such as Smudge, Roxy, Whisky,  Princess, Rockit,
Flash & Spark, not to mention her 2010 Lusitano Cross black stud colt, who has been purchased by Big Nine Outfitters to stand as a stallion.  (Right)  (This colt was sired by ABPSL Black Stallion Apache Interagro.) Her offspring have all been solid, enthusiastic horses that like to work and have a purpose.  Chick and her unborn prospect will make a great addition to someones herd, the colt in her belly is worth more than the total price we are asking.

1997 dark Bay Appendix AQHA mare, out of Plumb Roan and Leokienee.  $1500. Coyote is another brood mare who has been good to us and lots of other folks, she is the mother to Habanaro, Squirrel, Cruiser, Wiley, Echo, Shadow, Feather, and Sonic.  Her offspring have all been extremely friendly, smart, curious, great moving, athletic horses we've been proud to know.
Coyote is not bred for a 2012 foal.





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To all the ones we've loved before...

Mr. Bojangles 1981-2011
This picture was taken 12 years ago, a father-daughter(s) dog & doll moment shared with a very special horse, Mr. Bojangles.