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Costa Rica Horsemanship Adventure

January 20, 2018 - January 30, 2018
Costa Rica

Jorge Sauma

Join us as we explore Costa Rica on horseback.  

This is the perfect mix of adventure & luxury!

Start off the adventure with a horsemanship clinic with Glenn Stewart.  After the horsemanship clinic your journey begins with your Trek leader, Jorge Sauma, a local Natural Horseman whose extensive knowledge and connections will get you deep inside the real culture of Costa Rica for a truly authentic experience. Unbelievable meals, well-cared for and reliable horses with exceptionally smooth gaits, incredible scenery and secluded beaches to gallop along are just a few of the highlights.

The trip will feature a variety of accommodations, including a Beach House and a 5-Star Resort, with lots of time to ride and play on the beach with your horse. Your luggage will be waiting to meet you at each destination. Ride through jungles, swim in estuaries, see howler monkeys, canter along secluded beaches and soak the sun & surf at each stop. The Riders of the Sun Trek takes you on a spectacular journey through exclusive parts of Costa Rica not seen by many tourists… full of the natural beauty unique to the Nicoya Peninsula. We will also go to Costa Rican local rodeos and horse parades, a very interesting and fun experience!

The journey begins at a lovely ranch in the valley of the historical La Mansión, in the district of Nicoya -a small agricultural village settled in 1891 by a group of 100 families led by Antonio Maceo. Before heading out on the Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek, you will stay in a beautifully restored hacienda, meet your horse, and take part in a 2-day horsemanship clinic. As well as developing the partnership between you and your horse, this clinic will prepare you for riding out on trails and handling your horse in the variety of situations you will encounter over the next six days.
On the first day of the Trek we will head down to the coast, the horses will be trucked to the beautiful, 5-star resort of Punta Islita, in the southern part of Nandayure. The following days will be spent on the pristine and lonely beaches of Corozalito, Bejuco, Jabilla & San Miguel before arriving at the intimate boutique resort, Playa Caletas. Part of the trek has challenging features and the Costa Rican horses will impress you with their sure-footed and calm abilities.

Cost for the full package is $2,950 for Riders and $2,600 for non-riders.  Price is in US dollars and includes your horses, horsemanship clinic, accomidations and meals.