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Clinic Stage 1 in Austria

May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Birgit Reiß

In Austria we will be doing two 3 day clinics, the first will be May 25- May 27 2018 and the second will be June 1- June 3 2018. 

Go Way Beyond Riding …being able to read horses is one of the greatest skills a horseman can have. It tells you what approach you need to take and helps you resolve problems quickly. Stage 1 is where a positive balance of trust and respect is created, eliminating many common problems and safety issues. The Stage 1 Clinic will help you develop an understanding of how to achieve respect and safety. You’ll learn how to use ground and riding exercises that horses use to play with one another, break down the prey-predator relationship, and create a language with which to communicate and teach your horse things on the ground you want him to understand when you are on his back. Learn the little things that mean so much to the horse, from how you approach him, how you handle your halter and put it on, the quality (or lack of!) your touch, where you hold the lead rope, easy ways to saddle that are effective an unoffensive. Because we are working with horses, each and every course will be slightly different, and always excellent learning opportunities present themselves, unique to the group of people and horses. We will also be developing powerful strategies for building confidence and overcoming fear in both the horse and rider. Glenn’s clinics are progressive, which means exercises in the clinic are built upon each other - each new task touches on what was learned previously. All these theories and techniques build success for when you are in the saddle - learn a "pre-flight check" - how to warm your horse up on the ground before you ride, and what to look for to ensure that he will be a willing, thinking, and respectful partner once you get on. We will follow a progression of what needs to happen prior to sitting in the saddle to promote success, we may or may not be riding. This clinic is beneficial to all styles and disciplines, from the serious competitor to the recreational rider. Begin or expand a horsemanship journey: • Your horse comes to you. You don't have to "catch" him. • His ground manners are great. He is willing, cooperative, calm, more confident, compliant, friendly and adaptable. • He is easy to control. You don't have to use a bigger bit to force him to stop or slow down. • He is willing to move forward. • He stands quietly for saddling and willingly picks up his feet for cleaning. • His attitude toward you is positive and responsive rather than negative, moody or resistant. • Create a more athletic, willing partner. • Learn how using ground skills can put you in the role of an effective leader for your horse. : Learn what horses value most in humans that we are not born with cannot buy. • Start the process of understanding mental and emotional aspects of your horse and how it affects the physical. • You can teach your horse to do new things, if he’s good learn what we have to become to make him great.