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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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Christmas Shopping at The Horse Ranch

Merry Christmas from The Horse Ranch!  Cool gift ideas including suede Bareback Pads, Ladies Vests, Ranch Ropes, Black Horsemans Reins with Horsehair Tassle, plus all the regular basic essentials such as natural halters, ropes, lines, horsemans sticks, and educational DVDs.   Free Shipping in Canada on all orders that include the 3-DVD Horse Development Colt Starting Series!

  • Canadian Online Orders that include Colt Starting DVDs:  Shipping charges will be removed when your order is processed
  • To order Vests, Ranch Ropes or Reins call toll free 1 877 728 8987 as they have not yet hit the online store!
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Jazz up your Bridle or Natural Hackamore with these Horsemans Mecate Reins, Horsehair Tassle with handbraided Rawhide Pineapple knot. $85





Ranch Rope with Braided Rawhide Honda
4-strand weighted poly $140

Horse Development Colt Starting 3-DVD Series  $89

A good start isn't something, it's everything!  Join Natural Horseman Glenn Stewart as he spends three days with a young horse born in the wilderness of the Northern BC Rocky Mountains.

From following a feel to accepting the rider, learn from Glenn as he uses concepts, theories, and techniques that physically and mentally prepare the horse for his first saddling and riding experience - ideas that can be used on any age or breed of horse. 
These five hours of colt starting exercises represent the first stages of the relationship that the rider must build with his or her horse, not through force or fear but with natural communication and understanding.  All techniques used in these DVDs can be put to use with your horse that has already been started, to help build a better foundation of respect, understanding and communication between horse and rider.

Bareback Pads
Improve your riding, keep your pants clean, protect your horses back and keep your kids safe with no stirrups!  Black, Toast, Chocolate, and Rust $249

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