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Assessments & Tasksheets

Stages Program & Assessment  

The Stages & Assessment Program is a system for the student and their horse to receive feedback on their horsemanship. The clinics and camps give the student basic concepts, theories and exercises that will help them get the tasks done in the stages program. The tasks in this program are simply meant to be:

• A diagnostic tool in which you can see where you are at in your horsemanship, and receive help and feedback in some key areas.

• A check and balance to make sure you have certain aspects of your horsemanship solid enough to build on before you go on.

• A guide to help you know what maximum stage of clinic or camp you should be in. We believe there is no minimum stage of clinic. You can never be too good at the lower stages. As a student, your ability to hear and interpret with higher understanding of all that is said will be constantly changing. You will never stop learning.

Assessment Guidelines

In order to receive feedback and officially pass Stages 1 to 10, please print off the applicable task sheet and put your contact information on it. Have someone video tape you doing the tasks with your horse.

Please leave the camera on during the taping of each Savvy , Online Liberty, Freestyle & Finesse. Have your gear and everything set up and organized before starting and please do the tasks in order.

Submit your tape and assessment sheet to:

The Horseranch
9404 243 Road, Baldonnel, BC V0C 1C6.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your assessment sheet with additional postage and correct envelope if you would like your tape back. Tapes and assessment sheets will not be returned without the correct stamped self-addressed envelope.

The cost is $2 per taped minute plus GST. Please include a note of your tape length and make all cheques payable to "The Horse Ranch".

When you successfully complete each stage we will send you a certificate and sticker that makes up the color of a rainbow down the length of your carrot or horseman's stick, with the last color at the end being gold of course! The knowledge you will have acquired by that point is just that, pure gold. (Peel off the adhesive backing and place the sticker lengthwise with the HR end closest to the stick handle.)

Please allow a minimum of 4 -6 weeks turn around time for your results to be returned to you. Tapes are viewed in the order in which they are received.

Assessment Sheets
Please find assessment sheets for each level below.

Stage 1 .pdf168.51 KB
Stage 2 Tasksheet 2017.pdf161.65 KB
Stage 3 Tasksheet 2017.pdf173.11 KB
Stage 4 Tasksheet 2017.pdf177.39 KB
Stage 5 Tasksheet 2017.pdf173.13 KB
Stage 6 Tasksheet 2017.pdf187.12 KB
Stage 7 Tasksheet 2017.pdf178.76 KB
Stage 8 Tasksheet 2017.pdf231.19 KB