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Don't Boil Your Horse

If you have been around the horse world you may have heard the saying: “Give the horse time to soak.” It means giving a horse time to think about what just happened, the time to digest something they are learning. It’s a very good practice and will really speed up the amount of things a horse can learn and shorten the time it takes to learn them. “Soaking” is allowing the horse time to relax and think, it may be standing still or walking quietly along. It is a time when nothing is being asked of the horse.

7 Elements in the Saddle

Whenever I’m playing with my horses I try and be very conscious of what is working and what isn’t. Or what is working a little and what is working a lot. It is easiest for the horse and the human both to break everything down into understandable, trainable portions. Separate the individual elements get each working a little, and then a lot, so we can start putting them together.  In this case, I’m referring to what I call the 7 Elements, these are what we need to have working to move the horse or parts of the horse, separately at first and then many times together and at different speeds and gaits.

What is the Filter or Grid You Look Through? - by Glenn Stewart

We are not born with these filters or grids. They are slowly built or weaved over time. The experiences we’ve had, the things we have seen or think we’ve seen, what we have been told or overheard or thought we heard. It is our perception, and perception is reality until it can be proven differently to us and then we get a new perception.

The Benefits of Riding Different Horses in Different Environments

High & Wild Wilderness Horsemanship Adventures…the benefits of riding in different environments or on different horses…or both.

A Reason To Care...Physically and Mentally Stimulating Horses

We have all heard that it is the release that teaches. However, there needs to first be a contrasting stimulation in order for the release to be meaningful, otherwise it is very hard to give the release in the first place.

After the horse offers a try, allowing him time to rest and relax can be a release, as is sometimes allowing the horse to move.  Rubbing or stroking the horse in a way the horse appreciates can be a release; these concepts have great value to the horse and are much needed and appreciated if they have been physically and/or mentally stimulated.