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What Should I Look For When Horse Shopping?

This is a question I think people should ask more often.  I forever see people with horses that are definitely not a good match for them.  They are not having fun, are not safe, or have bought the wrong type or breed of horse for what it is they want to do and then they don’t do anything at all with their horse because of it. 

Liberty: What's the Point?

A while back I was emailed a thought-provoking question:  “Hi Glenn and Dixie:  I have a question for Glenn, being “Why does his program include liberty? Or should I rephrase that to state…should we really be doing any liberty outside of a round pen?  Outside of the round pen are we just making our horses annoyed with us and doing it because we think it’s cool…is there a benefit to our horses, or is the only benefit to us humans; being our egos and the WOW factor? 

The Supple & Rounded Horse - Part 2

Last month I spoke of what I think Supple and Rounded is: a horse that is mentally, emotionally and physically balanced.  Suppleness comes before roundness in the order of preparation. The suppleness is soft, bendable and maneuverable. The roundness is a way a horse carries itself, a shape and muscling developed over time. Everything we do from day one and everyday on the ground or on their back should be working towards becoming more supple and round, and that there is a multitude of exercises or things to do and look for to help a horse become this way.

The Supple & Rounded Horse - Part 1

Recently we asked people to Facebook or email us some topics or questions they would be interested in having me write about. Thanks to everyone for the many thought provoking ideas that were sent in.

One of the questions was: “What is or how do you achieve roundness and/or suppleness?” I can only speak from my own experience and views on any of these topics. The biggest thing we can do for ourselves towards this goal is to truly understand the concept of what it is and the ingredients involved.

Don't Boil Your Horse

If you have been around the horse world you may have heard the saying: “Give the horse time to soak.” It means giving a horse time to think about what just happened, the time to digest something they are learning. It’s a very good practice and will really speed up the amount of things a horse can learn and shorten the time it takes to learn them. “Soaking” is allowing the horse time to relax and think, it may be standing still or walking quietly along. It is a time when nothing is being asked of the horse.