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Is Your Horse Ready To Go To War?

Are you ready to go to war? Or are you and your horse only ready to go to the mall for coffee on Wednesday.

I usually ask the clinic participants what they would like the get out of the clinic; is there anything they are hoping to get help with. Many times the answer is that they want to get a better relationship or partnership with their horse. I think that sounds good, I do as well.

Trail Riding; Tranquil or Terrifying?

This mare is "cinchy" - sensitive to the girth.  She is one of the ones we are helping with this issue, and in the process she fired with the saddle on, focused on and kicking at her underbelly.   Its nice if we can keep them from bucking but sometimes it happens.  When it does, its best if it happens during the warm up that's for sure, not out on the trail. That way you can do your best to keep both the horse and the person out of a bind.

Softness - Before, During, and After

My Lusitano "Az" - he's got it all...sometimes.  Speed, lightening quick responses, athleticism, and lightness.  With softness, he's like a coiled spring wrapped in velvet. 

Often in clinics I will say to the participants to look for and try to create softness before, during and after the maneuver. What ever they are asking of their horse, try to find the softness throughout.

The Value of Commitment

The horse in this picture is fully committed, but for the wrong thing.  Not at all what the person wants!

The feel of a horse that is not committed to the task is completely different to a horse that is committed. A horse that is committed to the slide or the pirouette looks and feels amazing.

What Should I Look For When Horse Shopping?

This is a question I think people should ask more often.  I forever see people with horses that are definitely not a good match for them.  They are not having fun, are not safe, or have bought the wrong type or breed of horse for what it is they want to do and then they don’t do anything at all with their horse because of it.