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Can a Horse Smell Your Attitude?

Biting, Kicking and Ear Pinning

I’m amazed that to some people, horses pinning their ears at other horses, even when they are being ridden, is quite common and accepted.  A horse that pins its ears at another horse or even at people is a horse that is threatening to do more like kick, bite or strike.  As the owner of a horse that is threatening other horses or people, it should not be ok or acceptable in any way.

Setting the Pace

Like most things, when it comes to doing a good job with horses it’s easier to talk about it than actually doing it.  Setting the pace with the horses that you are handling makes an unbelievable difference in the way they handle, what you can count on from them and how they perceive you.

Trailer Loading and Hauling Tips

There are a lot of things to know about horses and trailers that are helpful.  I’ll start with loading.  The interesting thing to know is that you do not need a trailer to prepare a horse for trailer loading.

Tips for the Trail

Every summer, The Horse Ranch takes people from around the world back into the mountains on a learning/adventure holiday called High and Wild.  We start from the ranch, drive 200 miles north on the Alaska Highway to a grassy airstrip where we board a bush plane and fly 80 miles from the nearest road to our host lodge.  We are away from cell phones and computers and get to spend up to 3 weeks getting back to nature, spending time with horses and great people immersed in amazing scenery.  We spend time in the hot tub, enjoy hiking, great meals, work with horses at the lodge and get out for some beautiful rides.