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Colt Starting Part 1 – Building Confidence

The first time I started a young horse I was 13 years old, and then I started doing quite a few when I turned 17. For years I started horses for people and I didn't get paid much, which was good, because I wasn't getting much accomplished.

How Young is Too Young? Colt Starting with Glenn Stewart Natural Horsemanship

What is Your Horse - Pet, Partner, Couch Potato or Athlete?


Does Your Horse Seek Your Approval?

Does Your Horse Seek Your Approval?

In the above picture, by way of interests sake, this horse is most definitely not seeking my approval.  He is extremely wary, and ready to plant a hoof on my head at any second.  This indeed, is the very opposite of seeking approval.  In a way, for my own self preservation, I am seeking his, because depending on how he interprets what I'm doing, he will fight or flee.  The give and take in horse human relationships is very interesting.

How do you prepare a horse for lead changes?

Where to start?  Lead changes done well are something I greatly admire and seem to be the talk of many trainers and riders.  The how, when, where, and why are questions of great conversations.  It is somewhat like asking how to you build a spaceship to land on Mars.  Not an easy answer if you were to answer it completely from start to finish.  I’m going to assume the readers know how to get their horses mentally emotionally and physically prepared and can get to the point of starting to ask for leads.  I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill but when you talk about lead changes there is a lot to talk about.  Simple lead changes are basi