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No Kicking!

I am sure if you have been around horses very long your horse or someone else's horse has tried to kick. It is natural for horses to kick one another and they do it often in the herd as a way of establishing dominance and to protect themselves.

The Fine Art of Saddling A Horse

Some people make saddling a horse look like a form of art. Others make it look like they are a crane operator and they are loading a cargo container onto a ship. And then there are some who look like they are in a wrestling match with the saddle and then at some point they finally throw it at the horse and hope it stays on.

Colt Starting Part 4 – First Ride, Then Guide

Some of you are saying:  “Finally, it’s time to ride!” and others would still like to spend more time on the ground. As far as these articles go, it’s time to talk about the first ride on your young horse. If you are just now joining us there are three articles written earlier that have got us to this point in starting a young horse.

Colt Starting Part 3 - Accept the Human, Accept the Saddle

As some of you may know, I have recently returned from the Road To The Horse 2012, which is the World Championship of Colt Starting, an international colt starting team competition in Tennessee. We had four hours, split into two sessions, to get a basically untouched three year old colt ............

Colt Starting Part 2 - Developing Communication

In the previous article of starting the young horse we talked mainly about building confidence and acceptance of ourselves and our tools. The tools we use and how we use them help them with more than just that particular piece of equipment; it spills over into many things and the horses overall confidence. Whatever it is we show our horses must be consistent to have it last. I find four to seven sessions in a row and the horse will remember a year later. It might be a bit rusty, but they haven't forgot.